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Part 2 Revision- Lift with implant replacement

I'm 5/7 and 126 pounds. I'm hoping to go from 325 to 500cc. I have followed this board for some time now and have deemed it important to document my journey along with so many of you gracious ladies. I'm in Miami now, traveled from NC with my husband and daughter for my procedure tomorrow with... READ MORE

Seeking Physical Perfection

I'm a married mom of a 6 yr old daughter. 5'7 126 pounds. I gained 80 pounds after getting married and giving birth as I was a housewife. For the first time since 16 I didn't have to work, cook, or run for taxies and trains being a former city girl. Fast forward, I've lost all that weight... READ MORE

Not a Huge Difference

So I hade one syringe of juvederm injected to my nasal fold. I was told that I needed very little. I would've gladly paid for more to see an extreme difference. Rather, I was told that I should consider filling my cheeks to give lift to the laugh lines. I'm not sure I want to touch my cheeks... READ MORE

Thigh lift

Hi all. I've wanted a BBL since losing 143 pounds but now at 5'7 124 pounds I've decided that it's perhaps best that I have a tummy tuck and medial thigh lift to rid myself of the excess skin. I want both done at the same time. I want extreme results. I'm hoping for very smooth thighs and... READ MORE

Washboard Abs! - Miami, FL

I'm 5'7 and 127 pounds. Married mommy to one but she was a whopping 10 pounds at birth and I had a Caesarian. Throughout my life no matter if I gained or lost weight, one thing remained toned and beautiful.... my tummy. That is until after I had the cesarean and then gained nearly 100 pounds.... READ MORE

Questions from Skinnym3

Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lift (all skin). Is this safe? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a healthy 37 year old female. 5'7 and 126 pounds. I lost over 100 pounds 3 years ago. I look pretty good for doing so but now have excess skin on tummy and upper... READ MORE

Gushing hematoma after Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I'm 14 days post a TT. Drains have been around 15-20 cc for several days in a row. My doctor suggested that I leave the drains in until today because I was draining "old blood"... READ MORE

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Thanks for your input. I had a tummy tuck on Dec 11 th and I mentioned my thighs to my surgeon at the time. He said my thighs were not bad at all. He stated I just needed the front to be smoothed out and he could do that with the... READ COMMENT

Absolutely stunning! Wow! READ COMMENT

Fantastic results! I've contacted this doctor for the same procedure just because of your awesome review. READ COMMENT

600 cc's. I could live with that. I must get over this grueling recovery before considering what to do about my toddler size butt. Yes, bromelin and arnica has helped a great deal. Echinacea as well. READ COMMENT

Time heals plenty and I'm sure this is one of them. Thank you! READ COMMENT