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Puffy and Droopy Eyelid Problem Solved

Been thinking about getting surgery for a few years now. The puffiness used to come and go so I kept thinking, I'm OK. These days the puffiness under my eyes is there 90percent of the time and it's progressively getting worse, no matter how much I sleep. The saggy upper eyelids have been there... READ MORE

After Recent Eyelid Surgery I Wanted to Tighten Up my Crows Feet and Under Eye Wrinkles - Saugus, MA

I have been going to a local skin center near my home for about 6 or 7 years for light chemical peels, juvederm and facial muscle toning treatments. All seem to help a little but not to a great extent. My technician is not a doctor - she's a nurse. I read some reviews about Pelleve and was... READ MORE

VOLUMA-Just Turned 52 and Wanting to Look Younger - Wellesley, MA

I had some Juvederm in my cheeks last winter, tiny amount, hardly noticeable. This was done by a nurse that does my lips so I trusted her. Somehow she hit a nerve and my nose felt really weird, I got some blotchy red spots on my face and her and I panicked and she diluted the solution with an... READ MORE

Questions from Eyedidit

What are the chances/percentage of people needing fillers for tear trough after lower blephoroplasty? (Photo)

I have puffy under eyes and the surgeon I am planning on going to suggested transconjunctival rather than outer sutures. When asked if I would have the hollow look some older... READ MORE

Where is the incision exactly on transconjunctival surgery?

I can't figure out how this scarring or sutures don't rub on your eyeball after surgery since it's on the inside. I am especially curious because i wear contact lenses. READ MORE

General anesthesia for blepharoplasty?

The surgeon I'm thinking of going to wants to use general anesthesia and I am not really comfortable with that. I have never been in the hospital other than to give birth and... READ MORE

Is an eye shield importance for upper and lower blepharoplasty?

My surgeon says he doesn't use protective eye shields. Should I be worried? I'm having uppers and lowers using the Transconjunctival incision method. READ MORE

What is the safest way to avoid permanent dry eyes from blepharoplasty? (uppers and lowers)

I'm planning on having an upper and lower (transcon) blephoraplasty with an Oculoplastic Surgeon. Even so I want to avoid permanent dry eyes at all costs, even if it means not... READ MORE

Mucus buildup in chest (wet cough) from previous chest cold: OK to have general anesthesia for blepharoplasty surgery?

I'm a smoker, when I get a cold it goes to my chest and lingers. I know I'm supposed to quit smoking before surgery but that's not going to happen. If I could quit I would have... READ MORE

Is Nasal Area Fat Pad Removal Possible without cutting muscle? (Photo)

One of my questions was how to avoid permanent dry eye and although there have been several different opinions the one I'm finding to be a common answer is to avoid cutting the... READ MORE

Physical Exam/Blood Test Before an Eyelid Surgery Normal?

Age 51, no medications, no medical condition or health problems other than a current case of mild bronchitis. I'm having upper and lower eyelid surgery on April 3rd under... READ MORE

How to avoid permanent dry eye?

OK so I've asked this question and now I know the answer, thank you to all who responded. So my dilemma is that my surgery (oculoplastic) (ophthalmic) with 13 years experience... READ MORE

Vitamin Suppliments before surgery with general anesthesia okay?

I know that I cannot take vitamin E or fish oil but is it safe to continue taking Magnesium and B-12? READ MORE

Vitamin C, vitamin E, multivitamins and all herbal medications should also be stopped two weeks prior to surgery?

I just found this on my surgeon's website. Every other website I read says that vitamin C is good and should be started before surgery. I take 1000 iu every day. Should I stop?... READ MORE

Tired, heavy eyelids 10 days post op upper and lower bleph (Photo)

I had eyelids surgery 10 days ago and I am healing quickly and very nicely visually. I still have anesthesia light/heavy headed periods that come and go and my eyelids feel... READ MORE

Is 10 days between Pelleve treatments too soon? Does Pelleve have any ill effects on Juvederm?

The skin center I go to is closing for vacation so they want me to come in for my second Pelleve treatment only 10 days from my first treatment. Is there any harm having 2... READ MORE

How much Voluma for my cheeks? (Photo)

I had 2 vials injected yesterday, 1 for each side. There is swelling which doesn't show on pictures. For my before & after I airbrushed out the dark circles under my eyes that... READ MORE

Should I give this shadowing more time to settle before asking for Voluma removal? (Photo)

I had 1 vial each cheek 5 weeks ago. 1 side needed more so an additional vial was used on my left cheek 2 weeks ago. Anyway they appear to be even now but I have shadowing... READ MORE

Discussions started by Eyedidit

What are the chances I will have a hollow look after lower blepharoplasty?

I am 51 and I have under eye bags I want to get rid of but I don't want to trade one bad look for another or have to get fillers in my tear trough area after the fat is removed... READ MORE

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Honestly, we can all pick apart our surgeries, I'm going to be pointing out things I don't like in my next review. I can't really tell from your pics what you mean. I looked before but I'll look again. It's like the scar between my... READ COMMENT

Thank you, almost 1 year! READ COMMENT

The first 4 weeks I don't really mess with them but the next 4 weeks are VERY busy. Lots nail cutting, weighing, worming, playing, dressing them up, haha, photos for their new owners. It's all fun, I love it. Thanks for the compliment,... READ COMMENT

BOMBARDED, 10" OF ICE IN ALL THE GUTTERS. Some piles around my house are 12 feet high from the blower. I've seen 20 to 30 foot piles in the neighborhood from the plows. Today was 51!!!! and sunny! so excited. i was going to try to ask... READ COMMENT