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Can you make your jawline and neck area more define with Botox? (photo)

I have had a smart lipo procedure on my jowls and slight double chin. I am 50 and have a more rounded jawline. Is this use of Botox possible to more define my jawline and neck... READ MORE

Seroma / drains after having a tummy tuck?

After having a Tummy Tuck and liposuction is it common to get Seroma? What causes it? How long on average after TT are drains taken out? READ MORE

Is acne scarring removable by skin buffing?

Hi, I am in NY. I have had acne pitting for most of my life. I have done subsision and undermining together with fraxial laser treatments which I had no positive results and... READ MORE

Can you get new stretch marks having a full tummy tuck and if so why?

Can you get new stretch marks having a full tummy tuck and if so why? READ MORE

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4 month update. I love live the new me. Pre babies body back at 52 and injoying it. I love DR Robles, she kept intouch with my updates post surgery. Ladies just do it for you! I have no regret. Just be detail to your doctor on what to... READ COMMENT

When I told my doctor tht I was going to the DR for tt/ lipo. ( she is Italian from Italy . She said she has no problem with people going abroad for plastic surgery becus she hs seen some really good jobs on her patients tht came from... READ COMMENT

Stool softener, not laxative when taken jst before surgery am told helps ease constipation after surgery. It can become very bad. It's because of the pain killers, antibiotics etc tht are given to u for surgery causes it. So if u take... READ COMMENT

Ladies here here are alittle tip an things to get and use to ease your process. I will confirm the use of these when my turn comes. I promise to post the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of my process. In helping who comes after me to have an... READ COMMENT

Thank you very much and I feel confident in the doctor I have chosen. I am not nervous presently., only excited to get it over with but I know I will be abit when I land in the DR which it's normal. It's a serious surgery!. READ COMMENT