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Have HepC, Need several surgeries, BB/TT. Don't know which to do first. I am 180lbs, advice for Caribbean sculpted body?

Despite the Hep C and my age, I am a college student majoring in theater, and am involved in a myriad of activities which are demanding. I went to a prestigious Mex. surgeon... READ MORE

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift possible at 65 with Hepatits C?

I am 63, have Hep C for the last 40 years, did treatment and it returned. Performer, student, full life,I basically need to have everything tucked and roll do to a lifetime of... READ MORE

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Tell it as it is girrlllll! You rock!!!!! Congratulations, you look amazing and you just had a bunch of seriously invasive procedures done. People are idiots. You follow your path for this is yours and yours alone. Blessings and... READ COMMENT

Wonderful work. Happy for you. Some people say that plastic surgery is a superficial vane thing, but I know that when one looks in the mirror and is not upset by the image returned, our days could be sweeter in all levels. You are an... READ COMMENT

You do look like you are in your twenties. Most of the time people post how much they pay for the sx, although I understand that the price would fluctuate according the variables about the person having the process, would you mind... READ COMMENT

Congratulations for doing what is best for your health and well being. Blessings and love sent your way. Praying for your surgery to go smooth, without much pain or issues and for you to like your rocking body afterwards. Big hug... READ COMMENT

What an Amazon! I have become more of a wimp about pain as I have became older. I think I am just afraid to risk surgery due to health issues. You look amazing for having just had surgery. Great job! Congratulations. Thanks for... READ COMMENT