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Bbl. is lipo with a fat transfer to the butt. Brazilian butt lift. I wanted the full body lift but he didnt want to do it. Hopefully it will get better. Thank you for responding! If you have time can u send pics of the scars? READ COMMENT

I want to do an arm lift and implants. I'm afraid this will also happen to me. I'm small breasted and don't want to be huge. Maybe 375 or 350. Not more than that. Thank you for putting your story on here. It's been... READ COMMENT

Ok. Thank u. Cant wait just to be done with it! READ COMMENT

Thanks for responding! My doc said i coukd go back to work in a week... Hmmm. All the comments i have read say what you are saying. Now im nervous! How long were u in pain for? Meaning so much uou couldn't stand it? . READ COMMENT

How long before u sit normally? I was told 2 weeks. I am having my bbl on july 22. Also hiw long before you went back to work?? READ COMMENT