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Ok. Thank u. Cant wait just to be done with it! READ COMMENT

Thanks for responding! My doc said i coukd go back to work in a week... Hmmm. All the comments i have read say what you are saying. Now im nervous! How long were u in pain for? Meaning so much uou couldn't stand it? . READ COMMENT

How long before u sit normally? I was told 2 weeks. I am having my bbl on july 22. Also hiw long before you went back to work?? READ COMMENT

Not to sound stupid but. I saw 2 differant boppys. One that is sort of i shaped and one thT does have. Middle in it. Which one? Is a body pillow helpful also? Snd whensitting on the boppy u put yoyr butt in the middle? Im getting... READ COMMENT

How long are you usually swollen for? And how long should you stay out of work? Im getting a bbl and lipo july 22 READ COMMENT