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Rhinoplasty – Glendale, CA

I should have never had the surgery to begin with. What I walked in with was much, much better than what I walked out with. I truly believe the risk for subtle changes is far too great and most definitely not worth it. I didn't have a bump or a crooked nose. I wanted my tip lifted. What I... READ MORE

Questions from Lalaland310

Is it hard to tell the difference between inverted v & open roof?

1 side of nose looks/feels like the bone shifted laterally causing a gap between the bone and septum.Its been 2 years since my surgery. Note:I do have spreader grafts. I know... READ MORE

During an osteotomy, once the bone is cut, does it automatically fall inwards, or does the doctor need to push it in?

I've had 2 osteotomies on my right nasal bone and very little changed. I am wondering if that has to do with the technique of the doctor or the type of osteotomy. I had a... READ MORE

Repeat osteotomy for a wide/splayed bone on one side only. Is it reasonable to believe a third attempt can correct it?

Prior to any surgery my nose was straight. Primary closed surgery which included spreader grafts caused right bone to heal very crooked. I had a revision a year ago also closed... READ MORE

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This was meant as a reply for Nurp and Sbjazevics. READ COMMENT

I'm not entirely sure what your point is here. She created her profile in March. She scheduled her surgery back in October 2014 for a June 2015 date. Prior to her update today, she last wrote on March 6th. She updated her review... READ COMMENT

Sorry to hear you're unhappy. Hopefully things improve for you as you're only 5 months out. If not, there are wonderful revision surgeons who can augment a nose and make it bigger, stronger and straighter. Feel free to PM me if you want. READ COMMENT

Thank you. :) Although it's worth mentioning that I had absolutely realistic expectations from this surgery. I've always known this surgery is about improvement and not perfection. READ COMMENT

Thanks, isadora9999. I'm glad someone understands. READ COMMENT