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Looking to get breast implants. Saline or Silicone? Over or under?

44 yr. mammograms clear but show dense thick breast tissue. Yet I am still perky with much space of nipple over fold/crease . So majority is loss of volume in upper pole and... READ MORE

Breasts implants: Saline, silicone, or gummy and advice on approximate CCs

My specifics are 152 pds., 5' 7.5",medium frame. My natural breasts tissue by mammogram and dr. description is dense breasts tissue. However, mild sagging, breasts tend to be... READ MORE

Stretchmarks on breasts and inner thighs

Most comments regarding this question I see are from a few years ago. Can you please advise if there are newer lasers or treatments that significantly improve older mature... READ MORE

Labioplasty and cost

I have a little longer labia that causes much itching, dryness, and irritation that came after my last child. First, can this surgery be covered by insurance? Second, is this... READ MORE

I've got loose skin on my inner thigh after lipo in 09. What can be done?

Had liposuction back in 09 of upper in dr thigh. How can I get rid of this? It's probably amount when pulled together on each side is about half dollar size? What can be done? READ MORE

Palomar 1540 laser for stretch marks. Can you help me find a doctor in Memphis?

Are there any doctors in Memphis area that uses this machine or treatment or close to same intense laser for stretchmarks? READ MORE

Valentine Mouth Rejuvenation (Corner Of The Mouth Lift, Valentine Anguloplasty). How can I find an experienced doctor? (Photo)

I live in Memphis area and looking for someone reputable that performs this procedure and has experience with it. I have done Botox and many other fillers over last 5 yrs and... READ MORE

How many CCs should I get for upper pole fullness and some cleavage?

Wondering what to expect after follow up and if most dr. Would agree with cc and approach? On Wed. Getting mentor gel implants for a full 38C or soft D cup, mostly to bottom... READ MORE

7 days post op BA, 500 cc's get unders with Areola incision with mass/cyst removal

Since surgery I am super happy with work and my dr. he is great. Yet when doing BA he also had to remove a large cyst/mass on my right breast. This was behind and kinda to side... READ MORE

My nipples and areolas are sensitive and slight pain when its touched, is this normal?

My breast aug. was on May 7th so only 4 weeks post op. For the most part topically my breast are still numb feeling and only feel pressure of my hands until I do deep massage... READ MORE

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Anyone use Dr. Gregory Laurence in Germantown, TN?

Have had consult with Dr. Gregory Laurence at Germantown Aesthetics. Wondering if anyone rose has had breast aug. or other procedures through or with him and your experience... READ MORE