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I Love It - I Look Much Younger when I Have my Forehead Botoxed - West Palm Beach, FL

I look so much younger when I have my forehead botoxed.For some reason my eyebrows are lifted after getting botoxed, and my eyes look more wide open. It also improved the fact that my eyebrows are different heights. I guess alot depends on the skill of the person doing the injection also. I... READ MORE

Latisse Works Great, Worth It - Palm Beach, FL

My eyelashes were not too shabby before hand anyway, but wanted to latisse to see how long they'd look. they are so long people keep asking me if i have "extensions" on. my lashes are really quite remarkably long. though, still have to wear mascara because my eyelashes are such... READ MORE

upper & lower jaw surgery WORST life decision-

I am 48 years old. I had braces put on my teeth about 15 months prior to the surgery and knew I would have to have double jaw surgery. No research I did could have prepared me for what I went through. Nothing prepared me for feeling like I couldn't breathe after surgery and being surrounded... READ MORE

48 Years Old After Jaw Surgery Filler - West Palm Beach, FL

After my jaw surgery when my lower jaw was moved back I was left with deeper creases in my nasolabial folds as well as vertical lines that extended downward from the corners of my mouth all the time, not just when smiling. I had filler put it and if I'd of gotten another vial it may have done... READ MORE

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Will my chin and lower lip ever have feeling again since having upper and lower jaw surgery?

I had upper and lower jaw surgery 7 weeks ago. I"m 48 years old. What started as chin and lower lip numbness turned into terrible burning after about 7-10 days. I also have... READ MORE

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Hey, try this,..get fillers in your cheeks. I got filler in my cheeks, and it really helped lift things up a bit. so the jowl issue is lessened. Although i know it will only help for so long, its at least buying me some time. Funny... READ COMMENT

I don't know why price matters or why you are bringing that up. My surgery was covered by insurance, my deductible was $1500. I also did ask my surgeon lots of questions before the surgery and was not told the whole truth. No where... READ COMMENT

Fillers are pricey and temporary. I am looking into a mini-face lift which would correct that jowl problem that we have ended up with since the surgery. My thoughts on it are that as soon as I can finance it, I'm doing it. Because... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to say, the reviews I've read on this, even the ones that think it helped, I can't see a difference in their before and after photos. So thank you for sharing, I think I'll go straight to the mini-face lift. READ COMMENT

Yep Eva, mine do too. I don't like the way my skin sags around my chin either. READ COMMENT