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One Year Post ;) 31 2 Kids and I Deserve This Mommy Makeover - Wichita, KS

I'm not sure what to expect really. I've googled and googled things and still don't know. My husband isn't exactly thrilled about this. He thinks I'm just going to cheat. My friend thinks I should wait until I'm 50 and sees the BA as stupid. My other friend is jealous because she can't afford... READ MORE

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Can I keep my C-section scar? If I have crescent lift on one breast, with implants, will I have symmetry? (Photo)

I have a very low scar PS I saw said I was a great candidate for TT. Saw my scar modified the TT to include cutting out scar. Saying one is better, but they'd give me a... READ MORE

Silicone 300/350cc w/ mini lift to fix asymmetry?

I'm asymmetrical by 58 cc left bigger I'm doing silicone about 300/350 with a mini lift on LG 1 Can I make up the 10 cc? READ MORE

BA, TT with muscle repair, and flank lipo? How long does it take? (Photo)

Full tummy tuck with muscle repair, left breast lift and implants, flank Lipo I was told 3 hrs does that seem super short or is that appropriate? READ MORE

Necrosis after tummy tuck (photos)

2 weeks post op started to have necrosis issues day 8-9. Went to PS yesterday for check up and had debridement done. Was told wet to dry dressings 2x daily. So far the wound... READ MORE

Whats the down time for tummy tuck necrotic scar revision with minor dog ears? (Photo)

I do boxing with weight training as well as hip hop abs :) I'd like to know if I can continue to do them with a revision or if I'll have to take x days, weeks, or months off.... READ MORE

What are my options regarding my necrosis scar from tummy tuck 16 months ago?

I had a tummy tuck and necrosis. My surgeon moved companies 4 months after surgery. I followed as a patient and had appt late 2014. He said my revision would be minor in office... READ MORE

How does a scar that's adhered to muscle typically get revised?

Hello & thank you for helping me with my question. I got necrosis & my scar adhered to the muscle wall. I was told a lipo cannula would scrape the scar up enough to be revised.... READ MORE

How does an adhered scar get revised? Pics as requested. Spot adhered is 4cm x 1/2cm. (Photo)

Hello & thank you for helping me with my question. I got necrosis & my scar adhered to the muscle wall. I was told a lipo cannula would scrape the scar up enough to be revised.... READ MORE

I'm having tummy tuck, scar revision and minor lipo to mons area. What type of garment is recommended? (Photo)

I'm three weeks away from surgery date. I have ordered two garments and would like to hear your opinions on the garments before I show up with these two only to be told they... READ MORE

What is this? Seroma hematoma regular old swelling or something else? Should fluid be aspirated? (photo)

Vaser lipo; scar revision. I have a fluid wave. I'm 14 days post and have had it since day 5. Its directly in the middle where the adhered scar was. It took 5-6 plucks... READ MORE

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4/15 day for me :)

Im scheduled for a tt, ba w/slight lift on left and lipo on flanks!!!!! so thrilled to finally get my body back. o and boobs i never had:) READ MORE

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Thank you girls so much! READ COMMENT

Ooo the stitches look so eek :( I'm glad to hear that its no big deal. I do have a question tho, is it hard to breathe when you lay down? I think I'm going to go bigger (up to 550cc) eventually and would like to know what I'm getting... READ COMMENT

Can I make a quick recommendation idk if you lovely ladies go c a local PS just to c what they recommend having done or not but I would suggest it just to have knowledge when you get to the DR ;) just make sure they're free consults READ COMMENT

Wow lady! That's pretty awesome how do you feel? Did you stay the night at the hospital? READ COMMENT

I get that totally. I know that this is a venting place and was hopeful that that's what you were doing but sometimes I wonder. BD is very real and dangeous. Have you tried talking with a different surgeon? I wouldn't pay anything but... READ COMMENT