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Laser Tattoo Removal; Small Dense Black Chest Tattoo; Asian Skin

Hi everyone! I got this small tattoo on my chest on December 27 2013. I was extremely disappointed in my artist's shoddy work and wanted someone else to fix it up. I then went and had a touch-up from a different artist on January 16 2014. He did a much better job, but it still was not to my... READ MORE

Rosacea: Why Me? Why Anybody? - Sydney, Australia

I was diagnosed with Rosacea recently, and it is horrible. I have tried many types of treatment, and am still actively seeking a suitable and efficacious treatment for it. This review is intended to allow me to share my experiences with searching for a good treatment option, possibly help others... READ MORE

Questions from notyetnude

R20 Laser Tattoo Removal Method on Asian skin?

I am a (relatively) fair-skinned Asian looking to have a small tattoo removed from my chest using laser. I am very interested in the R20 Method because of its efficiency in... READ MORE

Tattoo removal: Will laser treatment make a scar worse? (photos)

I have had one laser tattoo removal treatment, and I have been scarred by it. The scar is thick and raised and red. Other areas of the tattoo are red/pink, but not raised; so... READ MORE

Is Tattoo Excision for Me? (Photo)

I've had my second laser tattoo removal treatment of a 10 cm^2 (5 cm long x 2 cm wide) tattoo on my chest. Laser treatments resulted in bad scarring, including a keloid (I'm... READ MORE

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Hey mate! I found a clinic that does it pretty cheap - $90 AUD for one session (my tattoo is pretty small). But as you may have read, I'm not doing laser anymore, probably going to go for excision. A half sleeve is huge; if I were in... READ COMMENT

Hey man, it's all good; we live on opposite sides of the world and you've done too much for me already, which I humbly thank you for. You've given me loads to think about. The skin of my tattoo stretches as well every time I move my... READ COMMENT

You know, I've been thinking all day about what you've said up here. The whole process seems a lot more complicated than intuition would reveal... If my plastic surgeon said all that your plastic surgeon said to you, I think I'd... READ COMMENT

Why would it have been smaller? Was he taking out that much skin? It seems strange that it would take 6-12 months to regain elasticity. In that case, it would have been a bit of a hassle for you, so I understand why you decided against... READ COMMENT

And about the laser - I am not reacting well to laser at all, hence the scarring. There is practically no fading, and I don't expect there to be much if I'd decided to keep going with it, because of all the scarring on it already. All... READ COMMENT