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Laser Tattoo Removal; Small Dense Black Chest Tattoo; Asian Skin

Hi everyone! I got this small tattoo on my chest on December 27 2013. I was extremely disappointed in my artist's shoddy work and wanted someone else to fix it up. I then went and had a touch-up from a different artist on January 16 2014. He did a much better job, but it still was not to my... READ MORE

Rosacea: Why Me? Why Anybody? - Sydney, Australia

I was diagnosed with Rosacea recently, and it is horrible. I have tried many types of treatment, and am still actively seeking a suitable and efficacious treatment for it. This review is intended to allow me to share my experiences with searching for a good treatment option, possibly help others... READ MORE

Questions from notyetnude

R20 Laser Tattoo Removal Method on Asian skin?

I am a (relatively) fair-skinned Asian looking to have a small tattoo removed from my chest using laser. I am very interested in the R20 Method because of its efficiency in... READ MORE

Tattoo removal: Will laser treatment make a scar worse? (photos)

I have had one laser tattoo removal treatment, and I have been scarred by it. The scar is thick and raised and red. Other areas of the tattoo are red/pink, but not raised; so... READ MORE

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Hey mate. I only apologise because my first few updates at the very beginning of my review was all like "oh this review is gonna be the reason you decide to/not to go through with laser" and I was really enthusiastic about it but now I... READ COMMENT

Hey Chad, thanks for the comment. I really envy your optimism, mate. From what I know, scarring hinders ink removal pretty bad. Someone will have to double check these facts, but scar tissue has no/fewer blood vessels, and ink is... READ COMMENT

Hey mate. I would have been fine with waiting, I mean, I could have made myself be patient no worries. But just knowing that the scarring is hindering removal just kicks me in the gut. I don't know if each or any of my treatments is... READ COMMENT

Hi, thanks for the comment. A cover-up is out of the question. Knowing me, I'd probably hate it all the more ... I'm looking into excision once again, but I'll have to see. READ COMMENT

Hi Sharon! That's alright; this review is so much quieter than my tattoo removal review ... Anyways, yes, I've had it for 5 years, and tried almost anything under the sun. To the readers: I think the best treatment (for the vascular... READ COMMENT