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Mommy makeover, I have 3 kids, 2 c sections. When we desided to have the 3rd I told my husband if we did this, he had to put everything back where it used to be READ COMMENT

And my husband gives me a hard time about spending so much time on this site too! He laughs that there are always boobs on my IPad, he is the guy so if anyone should be in that position in would be him but not in my house! READ COMMENT

It is funny how age gives you clarity. I wanted big boobs from the time I was a teen. I am 40 now and in a position where I am doing research for a MM, and I find that while I do want a lift, I don't think I would enjoy having foreign... READ COMMENT

As a nurse, you know the doctor would not do a surgery so long as to endanger you if they felt it was an issue! I am also a believer that we know our bodies and you need to trust yourself. If you break it up, will you want to endure... READ COMMENT