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Your results look great! The fat transfer prior to the filler makes sense. READ COMMENT

Ok, I don't know what you're seeing, but your nose looks great. Your dr. did a really good job. READ COMMENT

Your nose actually looks good in my opinion. You're honsetly going to have to wait A LONG TIME for your nose to settle into how it's actually going to look permanently. My nose isn't big, but I had an implant put in so I would have an... READ COMMENT

I had drains, but I also had to have the lymphatic massages. The massages are essential because it helps the tissue stay soft when the therapist works on the hard spots. It also helps w/the release of toxins from the body, swelling, &... READ COMMENT

I had a round 2 w/dr Campos in 2012, because Mendieta's conservative 600 cc's back in 2011 didn't do a thing. Campos gave me 1050 cc's in each cheek & 200 cc's in each hip (I'm only 5'3") & my butt & hips were HUGE, but you know that... READ COMMENT