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Can Thigh Liposuction and Breast Augmentation Be Done Together?

I had Liposuction done on my calves and ankles 2 years ago. I am now going back to have my upper inner and outer thighs done, as well as a breast augmentation. I also have... READ MORE

Will a Lower Body Lift Address Loose Skin After Lipo?

Hello, I had Lipo done on all areas of my legs 1.5 years ago. I also had a BA I am very happy with. However, my Lipo left excess skin and folds on my thighs. My PS already... READ MORE

Uneven Calf Revision Possible? (photo)

In 2005 I had lipo on my calves. I have always had very large legs and ankles (cankles). The procedure came out good and was ok for about a year. After that, the uneveness... READ MORE

Body Lift, Butt Lift, or Brazillian? (photo)

Hello. I am unsure what the best option would be for me to remove the excess skin and correct my sagging. I had an inner thigh lift and lipo in this area before and this is the... READ MORE

Leg Lipo Revision for Lumps? (photo)

I had lipo on my legs over 2 years ago. I had it on inner & outer thighs, knees, calves, Is there any hope for the deformaties? It is lumpy all over. READ MORE

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I would love to see some pics as well :) READ COMMENT

Thisruinedlife- I am trying. As long as I don't look at it, I am feeling halfway decent. I am truly dying to have revision surgery done from another PS. The funds are holding me back from any hope. READ COMMENT

I went back to my previous PS and he did nothing for me. My advice is to not do this procedure at all. However, I kept going back to the same surgeon. I am now in the same position and 10K poorer. I am going to start looking into and... READ COMMENT

Any updates? I am trying to stay positive that I can be happy in the future. READ COMMENT

Nice to meet you all! I am also going through the revision surgery issue. I am going today to see my previous PS and see what he can do for me. I have lumps on my calves and do not wear any shorts or dresses. I actually wish I could... READ COMMENT