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35 Year Old Mother of 2. Went in for Botox and Restylane Injections. Came out with a "Duck Lip." Went Back for Hyuronidase.

I was going in for botox on my forehead and between my eyebrows. And restylane under my eyes and I was considering a bit of a lip filler. The Dr talked me into juvederm instead of restylane. Since then, I have read that u should never put juvederm under the eye. That's what I get for not doing... READ MORE

Questions from jwil34

Will my "duck mouth" go away after Juvederm? (photos)

I received my injections tuesday. It is now friday. I seriously look as tho I have duck bill. Do u think I got too much or do u think it's just still swollen. Or maybe I need... READ MORE

What can I do for my huge overbite and to make my teeth smaller? (photo)

I have been self conscious about my teeth for as long as I can remember. I've been told to get braces but my teeth are huge. Braces won't make my teeth smaller. I was thinking... READ MORE

Please look at these pics and tell me if this is normal 6 days after juvederm? (Photo)

I had juvederm injections in my lips Tuesday. It is now sunday. I am mortified! Why would someone do this to another person? READ MORE

Horrible juvederm experience. Received hyuronidase today. Do the injections usually hurt that bad? (Photo)

I got "duck lips from juvederm. I waited 2 weeks for swelling to go down like I was told. But still duck mouth after 2 weeks. So I went in to get it disolved today. I'm... READ MORE

Weird indentation above my top lip. Is this from juvederm or the hyuronidase? (Photo)

I got juvederm injections a couple weeks ago. It made my top lip stick out like a duck. I gave it about ten days then went in to have it disolved. The next morning my lips were... READ MORE

What are these uneven lumps from Vitrase?

I got horrible juvederm injections in my lips. I looked like I had a duck bill. I went to have it disolved. It has been 3 days since I had the juvederm disolved and I have... READ MORE

What can I do for the fine lines underneath my eyes: Lower eye lid lift? (Photos)

I thought I could get restylane under my eyes and it would help. My dr talked me into juvederm but told me it won't hide all the lines but will make a big difference. Well..it... READ MORE

Is a chemical peel the best to treat my under eye wrinkles? (photos)

I posted pics before and was told the lines aren't bad (here is a link to my previous question). So I'm posting a couple more to show how loose the skin is under my eye.... READ MORE

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I wish u could have seen my post before getting under eye juvederm. Just as I wish I would have seen some horror stories prior. Was it like a medispa u went to? That is where I went. And they SHOULD NOT under any circumstances be... READ COMMENT

I'm really happy it's working for u. What made me mad was that I didn't even go in for juvederm. I went in for restalyne, but she talked me into the juvederm. I'm just disgusted with the entire experience. READ COMMENT

*duck* that was absolutely an accident! Oh my goodness! READ COMMENT

I was injected about ten times. I refused to let her stop until the fuck lip was all gone. But it hurt so bad that I did end up telling her to stop. I had tears rolling down my face. I am so happy u decided to go for it. And you're... READ COMMENT

I agree. I was going to get a few other things done as well. But I think this bad experience has made me not want to do anything else now. I absolutely think the hyaluronidase was worth it, just a heads up. .It really hurt. She only... READ COMMENT