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African American (Dark Skin) 15% TCA Peel at Home. My journey.

Is this a normal amount of frosting? Too much? Or should I have applied a little more to the areas that weren't frosting? I used a 15% TCA from Skin Solutions. I did the test area, and had no reaction on Monday. I did full face yesterday (Tuesday) for a full 5 minutes, a little burning but no... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty - Revision Rhinoplasty - Jason Hamilton. Los Angeles, CA

I have had 1 rhinoplasty surgery in 2009 by another plastic surgeon who wasn't a facial plastics specialty: I had a tip grafted/refined and a bridge built via osteotomies. I also had narrowing of nostrils. The surgeon narrowed the nostrils too much, but I knew going into my revision nothing can... READ MORE

Questions from TexasGirlHookEm5

4 years post op. wanted more westernized look, prominent bridge, reducing bubble nose. What can I do?

I think my nostrils too narrow and I feel that they aren't equal. On my side profile, i feel that people can see up my nose. that little part that drops low (the middle part... READ MORE

I have a hanging columella and nostril retraction. Would you recommend a revision? (photos)

I have had 1 surgery: had a tip added and a bridge built. I also had narrowing of nostrils. I think the surgeon narrowed the nostrils too much, but I know nothing can be done... READ MORE

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Dr. Jason Hamilton at Osborne Head & Neck?

Has anyone consulted with this doctor and proceeded with surgery? I can't find any information or reviews. Especially for his african American rhinoplasty which Is what I am... READ MORE

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Typo., I meant "after you didn't get the results" :( READ COMMENT

I have good moments and bad moments.. Especially the swelling, one side may swell more than the other... I'm just trying to avoid mirrors so this month can fly.. My post op followup is nov 9. I'm hoping the tip swelling at least evens... READ COMMENT

Good luck on your journey, get as many consults with Dr. who have worked on African American noses... I used Jason Hamilton, but I have also seen Dr. Kofi work and Dr. Ghvami (spelling unsure)... they all have experience with African... READ COMMENT

I love your nose... if could have your nose, I'd give you the 10,000 lol... you are taking a high risk, because honestly don't see anything wrong... most celebs are using *the bomb* highlighting and contour so it makes us think their... READ COMMENT