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African American (Dark Skin) 15% TCA Peel at Home. My journey.

Is this a normal amount of frosting? Too much? Or should I have applied a little more to the areas that weren't frosting? I used a 15% TCA from Skin Solutions. I did the test area, and had no reaction on Monday. I did full face yesterday (Tuesday) for a full 5 minutes, a little burning but no... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty - Revision Rhinoplasty - Jason Hamilton. Los Angeles, CA

I have had 1 rhinoplasty surgery in 2009 by another plastic surgeon who wasn't a facial plastics specialty: I had a tip grafted/refined and a bridge built via osteotomies. I also had narrowing of nostrils. The surgeon narrowed the nostrils too much, but I knew going into my revision nothing can... READ MORE

Questions from TexasGirlHookEm5

4 years post op. wanted more westernized look, prominent bridge, reducing bubble nose. What can I do?

I think my nostrils too narrow and I feel that they aren't equal. On my side profile, i feel that people can see up my nose. that little part that drops low (the middle part... READ MORE

I have a hanging columella and nostril retraction. Would you recommend a revision? (photos)

I have had 1 surgery: had a tip added and a bridge built. I also had narrowing of nostrils. I think the surgeon narrowed the nostrils too much, but I know nothing can be done... READ MORE

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Dr. Jason Hamilton at Osborne Head & Neck?

Has anyone consulted with this doctor and proceeded with surgery? I can't find any information or reviews. Especially for his african American rhinoplasty which Is what I am... READ MORE

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I'm so sorry that you had to go thru the "botched nosejob" experience.. I myself experienced the same, and I know how it can me emotionally draining... I'm so happy that you were able to find a good revision specialist! He did an... READ COMMENT

Did your dent resolve and the tip drop some? Hopefully you can share some of the front views.. Patience/timing is so hard, but it looks really good :) READ COMMENT

It's going okay... Patience is key!! And swelling is the hardest... I just posted an update :) just go to my profile and you'll see the review, I just posted an update! Keep us posted! READ COMMENT

Your story seems like a scary rollercoaster, but your results look amazing!! It may not be as big as you wanted, but it fits your body nicely and doesn't look overdone! :) keep us posted! READ COMMENT

Thank you!! I'll post a whole face after my one month post op :) READ COMMENT