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Good luck, keep us posted. Oh man...I understand your frustration all to well. READ COMMENT

I know EXACTLY how you feel. It is frustrating and I empathise with your frustration. My nose before was awful and there has def been an improvment but I wanted a complete transformation not just a minor improvement. It is something... READ COMMENT

Already there is a huge difference, I guess that is the point that the nose no longer distracts from the face . I think you must be a good healer because you healed so much quicker than I, can't wait to see at 6 months. READ COMMENT

WOW it looks amazong. Ya know I am going to do my Kotler review soon as well but it isn't crazy how there is such a big diffrence yet it looks so natural? I mean I think Dr kotler is really good at that, I think it is so much fun... READ COMMENT

I know exactly how you feel, I recently had my nose done am also a male of middle eastern decent. I am still recovering but the change has been nice, I had my nose done in Los Angeles message me and I will show you my before and after... READ COMMENT