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Future Yily Doll

HI DOLLS! I just joined the realself community today after I got a quote from Dr. Freiman at CG Cosmetic Surgery in MIA. I'm loving the staff already. Yadira is one of the patient consults and she is awesome! Always responds to my emails the same day! My surgery date is currently set at March... READ MORE

So...I Changed Doctors - Miami, FL

I just got a quote from Dr. Salzhauer in Miami and I think I'm going to go with him. I was torn between Duran/Campos/Gongora. I was going for Gongora because he does amazing implant work but he said he wouldnt lipo my stomach because I had 3 kids -_-, so he was crossed out. I sent Campos 2... READ MORE

Questions from RobynIsBad

Standard Mastopexy Bilateral?

I just received a quote on my breast augmentation and lift. My breast lift type reads "standard mastopexy bilateral". What type of lift is this standard mastopexy bilateral? Is... READ MORE

How much time should I wait between Breast Augmentation and Butt Augmentation surgeries?

I am getting a breast augmentation and vertical lift in June of this year. I've heard that breast surgeries generally heal rather quickly compared to some others. I want to get... READ MORE

Is a subpectoral (half in half out) implant placement going to hold?

I am having an augmentation and a lift. Im assuming the lift will take away some size but the implant will explode me out to a DD size. Im currently a deflated C. Shouldnt the... READ MORE

BBL or TT? Implants? What is my best course of action? (Using Abd as shorthand for abdomen for less characters). (photo)

I am 25 years old, 3 children, 5'2'', 115 pounds. The fat I need for BBL resides in my abd. BUT almost all of the drs I contacted recommend that I dont get lipo to my abd... READ MORE

I have a Nexplanon birth control implant - is it safe for me to have surgery with this in?

Are there any real risks with being on birth control and getting surgery? If so what are they? I have the Nexplanon birth control implant that lasts for 3 years and I just had... READ MORE

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OMG! GIRL!!!!! Your review has me crying laughing!!! LMMFAO! Like for real...Im hollaring. Especially when you had the confrontation with the 2 Yily girls. BWAAAHA!!! I cant!! Im still on the fence about Yily, Cabral, and Contreras... READ COMMENT

If either of you are getting tummy tucks check out myhome recovery house. Its basically a mansion. And its beautiful and cozy. Best thing is they have real hospital beds that can be adjusted to incline. Best wishes! READ COMMENT

Look at me all late! I didn't know you were updating on here! Hope you're feeling better. Happy healing! READ COMMENT

Thank you so much! Im still on the fence. I cant decide between Dr. Contreras or Yily for my surgery next year. But I like how Contreras has everything available at his new facility. READ COMMENT

Omg you look amazing girl! Congrats on your new body. I have a question though, are your nipples symmetrical? I see you didnt post any uncensored pics, but Im having trouble finding any Contreras patients with breast augmentation... READ COMMENT