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Ageless if you Dare you can buy it at a reasonable price online. It makes you really work those muscles, with hands as resistance. Flexeffect does too, but it's more expensive. Does CFF not do real resistance training? It's the... READ COMMENT

Ladies, this is very sad. BB, if you been trying Carolyn's Facial Exercises, are they really strong resistance training? Flexeffect and Ageless if you Dare make you really use the muscles against hand pressure to build them up. I... READ COMMENT

I haven't had any injections, I just post in this thread because I wanted people to know that that building muscles with facial exercises can make up for lost subcutaneous fat. I also use microneedling to deal with wrinkles. And... READ COMMENT

Flexeffect now also has slight 'skin stretching' movement that Deb believes is even better than microneedling for collagen rebuilding. You could try it on a small area and observe carefully. Be aware that skin takes weeks to rebuild... READ COMMENT

I wish I could give you a big hug, Sounlucky! There should be hope in building the muscles, facial resistance training (like Flexeffect, CCF) definitely help build the muscles. xxx READ COMMENT