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Hi Somai I think Owndoc's free instructions are the best, they are well-researched and updated when new evidence comes to light. I think every 2 weeks for 1mm might be a bit too much, but do check on that site. They now also sell... READ COMMENT

All I can say is that single needling lines absolutely has removed them, but perhaps long-term rolling will be shown to be harmful. READ COMMENT

Read 'Strong Women, Strong Bones' by Miriam E. Nelson. A well researched book. Quote p 8: "My research and numerous other investigations have shown that with just two or three strength-training sessions per week, women can halt bone... READ COMMENT

I knew nothing about her but looking at some pictures- yes, she looks awful. The lower face is quite fallen and flabby, like a mixture of botox and fillers/fat in all the wrong places. I also see that she smokes. And I see she was... READ COMMENT

Flexeffect goes on the knowledge that weight training does indeed build and maintain bone. Bone is a living tissue that slowly turns over. After menopause, there can be more removal than rebuild. By giving the body the right... READ COMMENT