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You're so right fitand50: people should keep away from the scales and instead look at their shape and fitness. I measure my waist, chest and hips and they have been stable for years, as has my fitness level and muscle sizes. No idea... READ COMMENT

I eat like that, but at 48 there are a few wrinkles and my hair - well shiny when I use the right conditioner... READ COMMENT

'think', sorry. READ COMMENT

Too many people still thing very low fat is 'healthy'. I think it can give a very stringy look, not at all conducive to a pretty face. READ COMMENT

Plus: people disagree about which foods are good or bad. I eat quite a lot of saturated fat, because I've read convincing evidence that it's not as evil as we were told for decades, and I eat low carb. I think my diet is good - others... READ COMMENT