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Are necklifts for excess/stretched skin even worthwhile for a violist? (Photo)

I am a 50yr old woman, slim and fit. I have excess skin under the neck (no fat at all), esp. on the right side, perhaps because I am a professional violist and have to turn my... READ MORE

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Read Dr Des Fernandes' studies. There's a very thorough one at Researchgate: scientific details, pictures etc. I have had only good results with microneedling. If you're worried about the hayflick limit, google owndoc + hayflick and... READ COMMENT

About fillers causing sagging: this very detailed article by Dr Des Fernandes, p11 of the pdf, shows a woman whose silicon fillers caused wrinkling: http://www.researchgate... READ COMMENT

No, it's not. Either you have a slight infection from inadequate cleaning of skin/roller, or you added some substance to the opened skin? I recently read a study that found several women with rashes after rolling at a spa had all had... READ COMMENT

Thanks Honey Bee, I haven't had children, but will definitely look into this :). READ COMMENT

Men can be annoying like that, sigh.... Mine, 8 years older (57), has no perioral lines, stronger and thicker skin in many places and none of that dry, crepey skin I get. I really think we can't compare - their hormones keep their... READ COMMENT