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Have you had chicken pox? that could have been shingles rather than pimples. Happens to lots of folks post-op, it's a stress response. But you'd have to get evaluated by a doc to be sure. You look GREAT btw. Keep us updated! READ COMMENT

I don't think asymmetrical hips are a big deal.. I have asymmetrical hips and thighs and haven't even had surgery yet, lol. Actually I think a lot of women are more asymmetrical than we think but don't notice until after the surgery,... READ COMMENT

Whaaaaat? you look incredible. I'm impressed. Keep us updated. READ COMMENT

Not sure where the rest of my comment went... Anyway I also wanted to say you don't look that age AT ALL. I thought you were in your 20s. Perhaps that was a typo? Also, please give us an update in 2016. I'd love to see how it looks... READ COMMENT

Dr Hughes did a good job, your abdomen does not have that "lipo" look, did you get it lipo'd and if so how did you get it to heal so evenly?? Also, did you say you were 43?! READ COMMENT