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A Nose 25 Years in the Making. Plus 10. - London, UK

I was 10 years old when Andy Hutch-something-or-other (name *not* changed to protect the innocent, I just can't remember it exactly) said he wouldn't be my boyfriend because I had a big nose. It was the first time anyone had ever said anything like that about my nose; indeed it was the first... READ MORE

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Nose taping after cast removal - how do I get the tape off in the morning without wanting to cry?!

Hello all,My PS has recommended taping my nose each night to help reduce swelling. (I have thick skin and the swelling has been comically bad!) I really do think it's helping... READ MORE

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Haloo halloooo! Sorry to have been such a stranger. My email decided to start relegating RealSelf comments to Junk Mail, so I had no idea y'all were lookin' fer me. First, BusyBee123 - GO AND SEE HIM. He's a gorgeous man and I adore... READ COMMENT

Hi Rahrah. Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you've found this useful! Just hope it has it been accurate and there weren't any nasty surprises?! I think the delay in taking the antibiotics caused an infection and the infection has made... READ COMMENT

Hi Janie. Glad you find me relatable (and witty!)...it's weird. When I first stated reading blogs oon here it struck me how often people write like they're filing a formal report, whereas I was looking for a no bullsh*t breakdown of... READ COMMENT

Hiya Nicky, thanks for your note. I totally feel you on the 'should I really be doing this' front, but honestly, babe...life is BLOODY SHORT. I just basically turned 35 and thought to myself, "Right. I am officially sick of hating... READ COMMENT

Coconut water is, like, my favouritest thing on the PLANET. I drink at least a pint a day - yummy raw coconut water - delish! Haven't heard of dioralyte electrolytes though...where/how do you get those? READ COMMENT