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lower face treatment suggestion (Photo)

Hi, I'm a 37 male. I'd like to know if those bags that can be seen in my profile picture are perioral mounds. Anyways they have always been there and even now that I'm 6%... READ MORE

Perioral mounds liposuction swelling. When should I be able to see results? I'm 4 days post op.

I had my perioral mounds liposuctioned 4 days ago. Today i temporarily removed the garments to have a look and the lower (and middle) part of my face was incredibly swollen.... READ MORE

Do I need jaw and chin augmentation with fillers or implants? (Photo)

I had my "perioral mounds" liposuctioned about 6 wks ago and there are still some visible lumps (image red arrows). My jaw and chin are weak and the jaw line is "wavy". I'd... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation; Can I achieve these measures with fillers only? What size implant would be the most suited? (photo)

My chin is approx 7 mm behind my lower lip vertical line,but it also has a convex shape.I'd like to increase its projection but I don't want to increase the already deep... READ MORE

Is there such a thing as a square chin implant without wings?

Is there such a thing as a central square chin implant (without wings or extensions)? I know of implants like Implantech Terino square Style I and II (as well as Terino... READ MORE

Which Chin Implant shape do you consider the most suited for my lower face ? (photo)

I'm going to have a chin implant surgery in a month. I've already decided for a Terino Extended Anatomical (Medium) but I'd like to change it with a Terino Square Style I... READ MORE