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I hoped it would help tighten & firm skin - Waste of Money - Atlanta, GA

I had thermage treatments on my face and lower abdomen. I hoped it would help tighten & firm skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It did not help. I am sorry I wasted the money. I am grateful for this site because we can read about other's experiences before making a decision. Wish I had... READ MORE

Makes Skin Feel Good, Doesn't Do Anything else

I bought a series of microdermabrasion treatments. They give a package deal off the $125 with a series. My skin felt good after each one. It exfoliates well, but that is all it does. It is not a deep enough treatment to improve acne scars or help fine lines & wrinkles. There are plenty of at... READ MORE

Dermabrasion Worked

I can't remember the exact cost since it was so long ago (1880's), plus some of the fee is outpatient facility and anesthesia. I had a general anesthetic so of course I didn't feel anything. I don't remember pain afterward, I don't even remember if I had pain pills afterward, but probably did. I... READ MORE

I had the eyelid surgery - LOVE IT! - Atlanta, GA

I had the eyelid surgery aka blepharoplasty or eye lift. Oh you don't know how happy this procedure can make you until you do it. I had a general anesthetic, although most people do it in the doctor's office and save about a grand. A word of caution... be careful about who you choose to do it... READ MORE