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Best Breast Surgeon Ever in Sugar Land, Texas - Sugar Land, TX

I Thank God for Dr. Horndeski in Sugar Land, Texas. Ladies, I do not want to bore you with the "ever since I was a little girl" or "I hated my breast because" stories. In fact, I can not explain why I was looking, what I was looking for or who I was looking for lol. All I know is I stumbled... READ MORE

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Hello! Hello! Hello! Darling.. Lol @bambi27 the girls are just wonderful and are getting better everyday. I had my revision done in August 2014 to clip the dog ears. I also had the immediate inside Breast lipo just a little to provide... READ COMMENT

@Silverchica, Thank you for your well received comment. I could not have written it any better. You touched on the one reason I choose Dr. Horndeski. I've searched and searched and researched again for several Doctors to give me what I... READ COMMENT

@bambi27 Brilliant!!! And well said. If only other women had the same thought process as you.. READ COMMENT

Sweetie, You posted on a public forum. It's everyone's business.. All I'm saying is the negative stuff you post says more about you then the Dr. @HighMaintence Futhermore, it was just a question. Take care. READ COMMENT

@highMaintenace I am terribly sorry for what you had to experience but why ruin the excitement for others? I had better then great results with Dr. horndeski. READ COMMENT