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For sensitive skin you may want to go back to basics and keep it simple - try cleansing & moisturizing with the Oil Cleansing Method READ COMMENT

Hi Doodee7, Olive oil + castor oil are great for cleansing your skin. You can check out the Oil Cleansing Method here: That will retain the moisture in your skin and keep it clean. READ COMMENT

The active ingredient in Clear Advantage is Salicylic Acid (SA). SA is effective because it kills bacteria and helps dissolve dead skin cells so your pores don't get clogged. It's an effective treatment short term but long term the acid... READ COMMENT

We can't forget that we're dealing with powerful acids and ingredients and we should be really careful when dealing with these things. Let's think of our skin as a piece of cake with the bottom layer (dermis) being very moist, rich... READ COMMENT

By giving your skin the oil it needs your skin comes out of panic mode and normalizes its oil production, it stops the overproduction of oil and therefore the clogged pores and inflammation are also stopped. This method may sound... READ COMMENT