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Hi chloe, I can't remember the "exact" name of the procedure. its something like "repigment" . I have the procedure done in london but the doctor wjho invented the procedure has a clinic in the US. the website is It... READ COMMENT

Hi ya, I had some kind of a special 'dye' of sorts injected into the stretchmarks. It wasn't pretty, but worked really well for me. if you want to private message me Im happy to show you my b/a photos…bit to embarrassed to post the on... READ COMMENT

Im getting a BBL and breast lift/implants. I really would like to get back a little of what I had before having children. :-) READ COMMENT

Got to say Im starting to have doubts about choosing Dr Cortes clinic for my surgery. He may be a fantastic surgeon, but dealing with his office is worst than having teeth pulled. Without anaesthetic!!! If Dr Cortes's staff are... READ COMMENT

You saw Dr Cortez not Dr. Duran? Did you post any B/A photos? How was your recovery?? READ COMMENT