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150 Pounds of Weight-loss: Extended Abdominoplasty with Public Lift; Panniculectomy

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 19 months (down 150 pounds since 2004). I have been morbidly obese my entire life and I have a huge amount of excess skin. I am one week away from four procedures: extended abdominoplasty with public lift; panniculectomy, buttocks lift and lateral thigh... READ MORE

Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Bra-line Back Lift

This will be my second surgery with Dr. Stoker. The first surgery was TT and panniculectomy in Feburary of this year. Click here to read my review. This time are four separate procedures, although all related and all upper body. I can't believe I'm having another plastic surgery. I... READ MORE

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What could be causing weight gain after panniculectomy and tummy tuck?

2 weeks after these procedures, I was down 7.5 pounds. The following week (week 3 of recovery) I was up three pounds. While I am recovering, I cannot do any strenuous exercise,... READ MORE

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I didn't not have him weigh the skin. I got mediums, but I don't know what size you were before and are now. I got them at Target, not expensive. I had some itchiness, but it passed. I was told I could use benadryl cream but didn't. I... READ COMMENT

Hi Jenny, I promise it gets better. Yes, wear the camisole, it's exactly as you describe to protect the incisions, plus it just keeps things fresh and less sweaty. I bought EXTRA long camis. It's worth the investment, they hang down... READ COMMENT

My PS said they can re-open incisions. My arms hurt most now, I can't imagine wearing them. I'm glad they helped you. Maybe I'll give them a try next week READ COMMENT

Thanks! Not likely much from what I know. Lateral thigh lift is a separate procedure. My third surgery will likely be butt lift and thigh lift. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for commenting! While I think reading other people's experiences is important, the one thing I learned from my TT and pannis removal, is that everyone is REALLY different. The doctor's say this when you meet with them,... READ COMMENT