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You will absolutely be well enough to travel at 3 months. As for wearing a bikini, you should be fine as well but you MUST keep your scar slathered in sunscreen. I'm five months out and my belly button scar was pretty red all summer. ... READ COMMENT

Absolutely. I was out in public on day 5 PO, driving and walking almost upright. I went to a dinner party at a friend's house on day 8 and no one had a clue. You can't hide it until the drains are out if you are thin b/c those are... READ COMMENT

MR is muscle repair or plication. That's when the doctor sews together the diastasis in your muscle after it has separated from the stress of pregnancy. I did have two drains. They did not "put out" much fluid so the doctor removed them... READ COMMENT

I turned 49 ten weeks after my 5/8/14 full tt with mr. The recovery immediately po wasn't bad at all. I was doing laundry, and cooking by day 3 and driving in day 5. My mom came to stay and eventually asked why she was there when I... READ COMMENT

I came home I my mom's Toyota Highlander. It wasn't hard to get into or out of. I didn't feel sick at all but was clear with the nurse anesthetist that I usually get sick from anesthesia. READ COMMENT