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I turned 49 ten weeks after my 5/8/14 full tt with mr. The recovery immediately po wasn't bad at all. I was doing laundry, and cooking by day 3 and driving in day 5. My mom came to stay and eventually asked why she was there when I... READ COMMENT

I came home I my mom's Toyota Highlander. It wasn't hard to get into or out of. I didn't feel sick at all but was clear with the nurse anesthetist that I usually get sick from anesthesia. READ COMMENT

Does your doctor offer Exparel as an option for postop pain control? If so, I would highly recommend it. I had my surgery in early May and paid extra for the Exparel. My postop pain was almost nonexistent...only took Tylenol every six... READ COMMENT

I was able to fit into my clothes the day I had my drains removed which was 5 days po. Even with my worst days of swelling at three months out, I'm pretty much the same size as before surgery. My clothes just fit more belly... READ COMMENT

I had my surgery 5/8 and just spent the past week freaking out because of pms swelling. I woke up today and my pants literally have two Inches extra space than yesterday. It's so frustrating to have all these fluctuations! I feel your... READ COMMENT