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I had my TT in May and have twin daughters who just turned 14. I struggled with how to explain it to them when their bodies are growing and changing rapidly and body image is so important to them. My husband and I told them that my... READ COMMENT

I had my surgery on May 8 and my scar is purplish as well. Other incision sites I've had have peaked in color about three months and then gradually lightened. I'm still numb around my belly button but the area of numbness is... READ COMMENT

I'm a few days behind you and found running difficult as well. I will be 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I've finally turned a big fitness corner. I can go all out in spin class now and I don't feel any pulling in my abs. I managed... READ COMMENT

I've been wearingy binder to run and spin in. Not sure if it helps the swelling but it makes me feel more secure. What does seem to help with swelling is getting myself horizontal for 45 minutes to An hour after lunch particularly on... READ COMMENT

I woke up at 3 a.m. the night of my surgery and decided I needed to get up and walk to prevent a DVT. I didn't want to wake my husband so I heaved myself out of bed and headed to our bathroom. Once I got there I realized I was... READ COMMENT