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(Breast fat transfer) Would 600cc per breast be too much to inject? (photo)

(1,200 cc in total) I'm assuming that's a little over 3lbs. I wanted to get as much fat injected as possible since I am aware that only half the adipose cells injected will... READ MORE

Brava system for breast fat transfer - How much fat would survive? (Photo)

I am well aware that the Brava system helps fat grafting my expanding and helps promote blood flow but my question is this.. How much fat would survive if I did not use the... READ MORE

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Yayyy!!! So glad to see you are well. Judging by the pic she did a great job with your asymmetry, your breast look really good. :) READ COMMENT

Go on Facebook and type in silhouette recovery home (That's Angie) her page will pop up and she responds to messages. Her info/pricing is also on there. Good luck! READ COMMENT

I think it depends what look you're going for. Hers look super natural post. If you don't mind wearing a push up bra when you're stepping out or don't plan to wear low plunging blouses I would say no to the lift. READ COMMENT

Lol! Well thank you for your honesty. Your review and feedback is super helpful. Happy healing READ COMMENT

Ugh, love your results! Thank you for the review. I had a question though, I know you said your butt didn't fluff yet but is it still hard? And if not how long did it take for it to get soft? I don't want to be sexually active during... READ COMMENT