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Difference Between Fat Grafting and Fat Injection?

Is "fat graphing" the same procedure as a "fat injection"? I am contemplating a face and neck lift and the surgeon recommended a "fat injection," where he would take a few tsp.... READ MORE

Fractional Laser or Dermabrasion for Chin and Upper Lip Lines?

I am 64. I used to use Retin-A with great success for lines on chin. In recent years, it doesn't correct deep lines in chin and now starting to get them on upper lip. Know that... READ MORE

Does the Chemlift Skin Tightening Product Work?

Is there any truth to the ChemLift chemical face lift product (it is on You tube)? Thanks so much! READ MORE

Difference Between Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist?

Is there a difference between an anesthetist and an anesthesiologist? Is it safe to have a face lift, or neck lift under anethesia that was administered by an anesthetist, in a... READ MORE

Please Describe the Short Scar Facelift

A doctor mentioned a short scar facelift. Please describe this procedure and how is it different from a traditional facelift? Also, is it true that in a traditional facelift,... READ MORE

Deep FX with Face and Neck Lift

If planning a neck and face lift is it a good idea to also have deep FX done while under the anesthetic? (I ask b/c some plastic surgeons do not do deep FX). I know of someone... READ MORE

Will Cheek Augmentation Lift Sagging Jowels?

Can cheek augmentation also serve to lift sagging jowls. (ie. does it ever serve in lieu of a face lift?) READ MORE

Can Bone Be Removed During Facelift/neck Lift and Used for Dental Implants?

If I need bone grafting for 3 dental implants is it possible to remove some bone while I am under anesthesia for a neck and face lift so that it can later be used for dental... READ MORE