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Hello! I still have my stitches and constant soreness at the stitche-sites. I will be 5-weeks postop tomorrow, & bcuz of soreness, my doc is going to take a look at me to check on progress. I will *say* that I cannot imagine having... READ COMMENT

I had the LVR surgery on August 14th and am now 4-week postop. I also had a laser perineoplasty and had a few anal tags removed, so the recovery is more dramatic than the two episiotomies I had with my children! I will also post... READ COMMENT

Hello! I am "on the books" to get this done within the next 2 weeks. What was your recovery like? I am also getting a laser perineoplasty in addition to the LVR...I am only able to take one week off work! Aaaaah!!! thanks for any tips,... READ COMMENT

I have a Juvederm Ultra Plus lump that has been under my L eye for right at 20 months. It started as an injection in a "crow's feet" line nearly a 1/2-inch from where it has now migrated/housed itself. I have just been waiting for it to... READ COMMENT