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After rhinoplasty my bridge is really high and my fuller tip is lost. What can I do? (photos)

Hi,I had a rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago.I had my splint out yesterday.I used to have a wider nose but a defined tip(from side view).Now at my 16th day,I have a really high bridge... READ MORE

Pinched nostrill and high bridge

This is my 22nd day of rhinoplasty but there's still a dent on my left supra alar crease which makes my nostrill look pinched.I had an augmentation on radix.My bridge is now... READ MORE

Best Sunscreen to Use with Retin-A?

Hi,I've been using Retin A 0.5% neat every other night since few months and have been using a sunscreen during daytime..only sunscreen.Now,I'm moving to Australia so I guess... READ MORE

6 months after rhinoplasty, my nose is deprojected and alars are asymmetrical. The bridge is too high. Is this normal?

Its been 6 months that I had a rhinoplasty. I used to have a wider and scooped nose. I liked my scooped nose anyway. I had a rhinoplasty to narrow it a bit but ended up having... READ MORE

Post-op, I'm so depressed. My nose looks weird and masculine. Can I get my nose back after removing my cartilage graft? (Photo)

Hi, its my 9 mnths post rhinoplasty. I had a bit wider nose & opted for rhinoplasty to get a nose like Adriana Lima or Kate Becknisale- not too narrow and well defined bridge.... READ MORE

Is there any way to correct my upper lip protrusion without bicuspid teeth extraction? (photos)

I have an upper lip protusion. When I went to see an orthodontic surgeon, he told me that he will need to extract 4 of my bicuspid teeth and put on braces for 2 years. However,... READ MORE

Can I correct my lip protrusion without teeth extraction? (Photo)

I have upper lip protusion. When I went to see an orthodontic surgeon, he told me that he will have to extract my 4 bicuspid teeth to correct my lip profusion. Is there anyway... READ MORE

I'm 20 months post rhinoplasty now and I hate my nose. How much is the possibility getting my natural bridge back?

I'm 20 mnths post rhinoplasty. I had a wide, scooped nose with slight flaring nostrils. I wanted my nasal bridge and nostrils defined, narrowed. My surgeon did an augmentation... READ MORE

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Looks really good..even I was thinking of a revision rhinoplasty but wasn't sure whom to go with..I'd like someone who is really good with alar manipulation. I really like the bridge of your nose-its defined and nice. Will have to wait... READ COMMENT

Would love to hear from you more..please keep updating.. :) READ COMMENT

PS. If you were talking about me, I can provide you the details of the surgeon who operated on me.. :) READ COMMENT

Hi, I feel sorry for you.I noticed that you've mentioned about a girl from Nepal. I'm from Nepal and I had a rhinoplasty 9 mnths ago.I hate my nose now. I was wondering if you were talking about me. I'd posted my pictures few days ago.... READ COMMENT

I did my surgery in Nepal and now I've moved to Australia for my studies.I don't think I'll meet him again.Its going be my second month of surgery.I am frustrated at how I look.Now,I don't take pictures at all.Revision rhinoplasty is... READ COMMENT