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30yrs, Lost 98lbs, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Slimlipo - Istanbul

I'm 15 days post op and whilst I have a 'swelling baby' already I'm so excited re the new me! Having been a really heavy teen I fought hard and lost 98lbs through healthy eating. I understand I won't really see swelling subside for awhile yet anything I can do to help it along? I'm actually... READ MORE

Questions from PelsTT

16 days post tummy tuck, feel like I'm pregnant, is this swelling normal? (photo)

I keep being told to give it six weeks but my skin is getting so tight with the swelling in scared my skin will stretch and sag when it eventually goes. I'm so scared and... READ MORE

I am suffering from a Hematoma after my Tummy Tuck. What is the normal procedure for draining them? (photos)

I was transferred as an emergency to my local plastic surgery trauma unit. The consultant (not my consultant as she's in Istanbul) thought it was a seroma and drained with... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck hematoma 20 days post op... Will drainage resolve the issue? (Photo)

So was referred as an emergency to my local plastic surgery trauma dept. consultant thought was seroma and then started draining process and was thick dark blood! He drained... READ MORE

5 wks post Tummy Tuck with hematoma - Is this pregnant look, swelling or leftover fat tissue?

I had my TT done on 6th January 2014. I was told I had a hematoma and so far in 2 draining (with syringe) have had 500cc and 300cc removed. I have my next draining tomorrow.... READ MORE

5 weeks post TT and my scab has been removed to promote healing? No more hematoma! (Photo)

Back at the hospital today and again nothing to drain so looks like my hematoma has been absorbed and gone after first two drainings (accumulated fluid 800mls). Today they... READ MORE

No weight loss or inch loss after Tummy Tuck (TT). Is this normal? (photos)

I had my TT on 6th jan with a few complications, one being a hematoma which has since stopped being drained and the other delayed healing with my incision, still open at one... READ MORE