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Reviews by BabyWinghart

So glad I did it! - Altoona, PA

It is beyond me how no one teased me for my nose growing up, because boy do I sure hate it! I've got my father's nose to a T - skinny bridge, gets a little wider, skinny again, a bulbous tip, hanging columella and a dorsal hump. Also, a BIIG thing for me is that when I raise my eyebrows, my skin... READ MORE

23 years old with 290cc Antomicals. 32AA - ?? Probably 32DD

Hello beautiful people! For those of you who have followed me on my rhinoplasty journey, you are all the sweetest ever! And now it's time for another boobland! I am beyond excited :D STATS: 4''9" / 100lbs / 25" underbust / 24" waist / 38" hips Currently I'm a 32AA / 30A. My... READ MORE

Questions from BabyWinghart

Are my rhinoplasty expectations realistic, and would my ideal nose suit me?

My ideal nose is completely different from what I've got. I have a hump on my bridge, skinny at the top, widens a little bit, gets skinny again and has a bulbous tip & hanging... READ MORE

When can I get my nose pierced after Rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm having a rhinoplasty done on March 24 to remove a hump and dramatically reduce my tip. We have not yet decided if it will be closed or open but he's leaning more toward... READ MORE

Is it possible to do lip piercing after fat transfer? (photos)

I would like to have fat transfer to my lips, and a lot of it! I was wondering if it is possible to get a lip piercing after fat transfer. Photos of the piercing I'd like are... READ MORE

Rosacea? Severe acne scarring? I've never been to a dermatologist. Can't tell if it's getting better or worse.

My acne began at 10 yrs, and a lot of it. About 2-3 years ago I started getting huge, cystic acne which has left me with purplish scars. In addition, my entire face is RED,... READ MORE

Recent comments from BabyWinghart

Congrats on beginning your boob journey! Realself is really a great source of information. I have high profile 290cc teardrops. I'm only 4'9" but so far [3 weeks post] I fit into a 30DD. A lot of girls will try to tell you to go... READ COMMENT

You look amazing! Congrats!! READ COMMENT

As I've been following you since the beginning, I've seen you develop a love/hate relationship with your nose. I have one too! There were a lot of celeb noses I had in mind that just weren't attainable for my nose. There are still... READ COMMENT

Ooh I have teardrop and I love love love them! I'm only two weeks out but they're looking great. My surgeon said that if placed under the muscle, the likelihood of them shifting is incredibly low. He said he's never had a patient with... READ COMMENT

Holy crap! Mine do feel huge lol but I feel like once I get used to them they won't feel so big. I put on my favorite corset though that I could never ever fill out and woaah!! Vava voom for sure! READ COMMENT