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Ive had amazing results from my tummy tuck 8 months ago but find im still in pain when i turn over in bed and i cant even attempt a sit up at the gym yet. Is this normal? READ COMMENT

Im on week 5 now. For the first three days i wanred to die! Week 1 & 2 were difficukt especially showers which i found traumatic as i was used to having rhe binding on and was terrified every time i removed it So...week 5. I still have... READ COMMENT

It all helps!! Although bare in mind you wont want to eat much for the first few days. READ COMMENT

Another tip is to buy some antiseptic soap and spray. I have some infection in my belly button but this could have been eased if i had used this on the first shower and not my usual soap and shower gel READ COMMENT

I wouldnt take a laxative as you dont want to be purged. I took a stool softener - Dulcoease which is gentler READ COMMENT