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Hey girls, Ok so I decided to go with dr campos cause his work is AMAZING! My time is coming close and I literally feel sick to my stomach I'm very scared of the pain and going under anesthesia cause I get so sick from my stomach and feel dead like I can't wake up! It's horrifying! But anyway... READ MORE

Questions from Abercrombiegirl

Why do doctors always Recommend OVAL butt implants over ROUND butt implants? (photo)

Reason I ask is because I read a lot of forums where girls say they regret getting oval and are getting them re-done for the round implants to be placed ? I want the round... READ MORE

What is involved in a Butt Lift? Why would a doctor recommend it on me?

I was told I would benefit from a butt lift and implants. Butt lift??? :( I hope that's not the procedure with the huge scar across the black cause I do not want that scar I... READ MORE

Is my derrière short or long? (photo)

I want the bubble butt and ROUND butt implants which looks good on short buttcracks! so I'm wondering what you doctors think does my buttcrack look LONG or SHORT? Thanks docS!!... READ MORE

3 Days Post-op: Will my butt get bigger with time or smaller? (Photos)

After getting butt implants can you walk a lot is it ok I'm 3 days post-op? Also can I life my grand daughter she's 16 lbs. and Is lying on my side vs. My stomach bad ? MOST... READ MORE


I'm 7 days post op .My lower back got lipo and I think my waist . But I have a huge pocket right in the lower center of my pack that's extremely swollen is that normal and how... READ MORE

i'm 16 days post op, is my incision infected? (photo)

Hi , 16 days PO I'm a little concerned my incision doesn't look good i clean it every day first I swipe with Alcohol pad then apply Neosporin then place gauze over it I wore my... READ MORE

Why does my implants look like this? (photo)

I'll be 4 WKS. PO Wednesday. I got my implants placed intramuscular. Oval 300cc. My right implants is higher in location than left implant. My implants are higher than my butt... READ MORE

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Hi, Just wondering if you wore a sports bra everyday after surgery ? I wear mine everyday cause I'm scared of them dropping ?? READ COMMENT

It feels a little uncomfortable:/ I like to sleep on my tummy but I just got my boobs done . READ COMMENT

You look great how do I ge a hold of him his office phone never gets picked up? READ COMMENT

You look great! Was the alderm what give you upper fullness? READ COMMENT

Also you can go bigger with oval I got the biggest round which is only 360cc so all that takes effect when choosing - BUTT ANATOMY , HOW BIG YOU WANNA GO AS WELL. READ COMMENT