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Arduous Recovery - Results Uncertain

At 5 weeks post op, I have to say that I've regretted my decision to go under the knife for a face, neck and temporal lift, and fat transfer to my cheeks. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look distorted: my eyes looked pulled, my face is swollen and there is residual bruising. Not to... READ MORE

Questions from Ruz888

Eyes Look Different After Facelift, Temporal Lift and Cheek Fat Transfer

At 5 weeks post op, my eyes look slanted, pulled to the sides, and there are bumps on my left side where the fat transfer was injected. I understand that it takes time for the... READ MORE

How Successful is Reducing/Taking Out Fat Transfer to Cheeks?

At 6 weeks post-op (face and temporal brow lift with fat transfer to cheeks), I do not like the look of the fat transfer on my cheeks. My face looks distorted and harsh. My PS... READ MORE

Is Discoloration on Side of Ear Normal After 7 weeks? Ear Feels Tight/Blocked/Swollen (Photos)

I am 7 weeks post face and temporal brow lift along with fat transfer to cheeks. About a week after the initial surgery, my left ear felt blocked and my PS recommended placing... READ MORE

Hair Transfer After Lateral Brow Lift

How soon is it possible to have a hair transplant to the temporal sides of the face after a lateral brow lift? After 5 months post op, it is obvious that hairline receded and... READ MORE

5 Months Post-Op Swelling from Fat Graft, Face Lift, Brow Lift and Nose Procedures. Is this normal?

I am 5 months post op from a face, brow and nose surgeries with a fat transfer to the cheek area. By now I had hoped that the swelling would be gone, but my face is still... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Doctor in Bay Area to Remove Fat Transfer/Grafts

About 6 months ago, I received a fat transfer to the upper and midface area along with a facelift. The result is that my face now looks wide and has lost its natural contours.... READ MORE

Discussions started by Ruz888

Had Any Success with Fat Transfer Removal from Face?

In reading  multiple posts, I have learned that doctors have different opinions as to how to address the removal of fat transfer (FT) from the face. Some recommend... READ MORE

Looking for an Experienced Surgeon for Micro Liposuction of Fat Transfer to Cheek Area

I am looking for a skilled and experienced doctor who can perform lipo suction of a fat transfer to the cheek area. After 5 months, the fat graft continues to make my face look... READ MORE

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Hi Jojman, In looking back, the healing was gradual. By the 4th month, the numbness started to decrease and so did my discomfort with my ears. To help, I both massaged the area and also had lymphatic drainage massages performed by a... READ COMMENT

Hi Codie, I sent you a private message. Ruz READ COMMENT

Jane, What area are you trying to treat with the liposuction? In my case, there is too much fat in the upper cheek area extending from the tear through to the sides of the cheek bone, which has resulted in making my face look wide and... READ COMMENT

Hi Pamsolanke, At 7 months post op, I'm still dissatisfied with Chout's work, and I'm looking at having revisions to correct his work. The experience with him has been a nightmare. I should have done more research on CHOUT. Another... READ COMMENT

Dear Notsogood, Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I know this is helpful to me and to others who will read this post. I've come to realize that this is a long journey, and that patience is key in getting through the many emotional... READ COMMENT