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Annoying Muffins - Doral, Florida

This procedure seems to have great potential my experience though was horrendous …. the staff didn't know what they were doing it seems, the machine kept on breaking down and the end result was a horrendous burn… THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO!!!!! I have since gone to another place which was... READ MORE

Questions from ABC14

If you have no redness, bruising or swelling, was the machine attached properly? (photo)

The machine kept on breaking down so the only thing that I experienced was soreness because they had to restart the machine 5 times they had to suck up the fat 5 times and... READ MORE

After Cool Sculpting I have had a burning reaction only on one side, Is this normal? (photo)

I did cool sculpting, one part was burnt, one part no bruising redness or swelling, one the part with nothing was the machine attached properly? Photo 1. One the part with... READ MORE

Why did I have such drastically different reactions on different parts of my body to CoolSculpting? (photo)

I had 3 spots done in 2 days. 1 no redness no swelling not even a mark. Second spot severe burn, done at the same time. If they is no visible anything does it mean that one hip... READ MORE

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By the way I really do believe that this is a great treatment if done properly. READ COMMENT

Hi 30smtg .....sorry what I meant is that these people try to intimidate us the clients.. And some of us may not want to go up against these companies ( meaning the company that you went to for the treatment) or we don't want to go up... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much Imispgh I will check out those avenues. READ COMMENT

Thank you 30 I plan to, I think that this is a group of people who are interested in maybe making some improvements to our self... It's difficult to go up against companies and Doctors but WE have to make sure that WE protect ourselves... READ COMMENT

I am investigating the possibility. READ COMMENT