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Revision Breast Augmentation - 310cc, Overs, Bristol

Revision due to the symmetry not being great first time and I had developed capsule contraction. First BA I had 240cc overs (in 2007) and now 310cc overs to try and fix the symmetry prob. I am worried i dont have enough breast tissue for overs - I can feel them ripple a bit but then they are... READ MORE

Unhappy with a Revision, So Decided to See if I Can Get my Own Boobies Back - After 7 Years of Implants, 36 Years Old. GB

I had my first breast augmentation in 2007, I was then 28 years old and a 34A. I had 240cc Nagor silicone implants over the muscle and really loved them - they fitted me well and I felt in proportion. I'd say I was a full 34B small C. Clothes and bras were definitely easier to buy after my... READ MORE

Questions from Tracy78

Is it not always the volume of the implant that determines the size - does it also depend on diameter and projection?

Is it not always the volume of the implant that determines the size - does it also depends on the diameter and projection at which the implants are made? I have been... READ MORE

My implants feel wavy 12 days post op. What should Silicone Gel Implants feel like as they are softening post op?

I am 12 days post op, I had 310cc silicone gel implants over the muscle. Is it normal (as the implant is softening) for it to feel a bit wavey? - or is this the start of the... READ MORE

Considering switching from over the muscle to a partial submuscular placement.

I'm considering changing from 'overs' to a submuscular placement. I'm only 4 weeks post op and know its early days - my PS suggested overs as I like to work out - however I'm... READ MORE

Explant tips - How can I ensure scar tissue doesn't stick together and retract during the healing process?

I'm due for an explant soon, I've seen some cases where ladies have had an explant and whilst healing, the scar tissue within the breast seems to stick together and retract... READ MORE

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Hey, thanks so much for taking the time to share this - I just tried your massage technique (it's obviously working for you, looking great!) I wasn't shown how to do it and I think I've been doing it too gently so that's really helpful,... READ COMMENT

Adrian Richards from aurora clinics was my explant surgeon . He has done lots of explants, it's also a free consultation if you wanted his opinion x READ COMMENT

Thanks for the update, you look like you are doing well! I could really have done with some kind of guide following explant - I didn't feel like I was given much information, so you don't know what to expect, what's normal and how... READ COMMENT

Hi - Sorry for the late reply, I think nearly everyone is scared when they have them removed - myself included, because unfortunately you have no idea how you will look until you do it (wish there was some way they could predict results... READ COMMENT

Hi, thanks for the update - its always interesting to read what different surgeons say regarding the healing process and the stages they go through. Did he say how he would go about a revision should you need one after 6 months?... READ COMMENT