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30 Years Old...Currently Preggo but Hoping for a BA in the Future!

5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy + 1 on the way! Currently 30 weeks pregnant so clearly I will not be getting a BA anytime soon..sadly! But long story short, I was never blessed with bountiful breasts lol. Ive 'settled at a B cup most of the time (prior to pregnancy) now a... READ MORE

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WOWWWZA! theyre looking better and better AND bigger too! ! I cant wait to see how they continue to drop! youll have boobs better than most perky 18 year olds lol! how are they feeling?? do you have full sensation still in your nipples? READ COMMENT

The shape of your boobs is perfect and so much perkier now, but look super squishy! :) ( um.. do they feel well enough for you hubby to play with now lol?? ) and how do they feel when your running? any pain? READ COMMENT

Whatever that black top / dress is in the latest pics...especially where youre bending forward..!!! WOWWWZ! :) lol if THAT doesnt get some gawkers haha! READ COMMENT

Wow! you look gorgeous girl. absolutely stunning results seriously! like lets be honest...its gotta supercharge things in the bedroom now and your hubs has GOT to be enjoying those pretty boobies :) !lol READ COMMENT

WHO could BE a hater of those...regaurdless of WHAT they are they look GORGEOUS and pretty darn natural! ( although, of course almost no one has natural boobs that look THAT perfect :) lol! But for real even if you never showed your... READ COMMENT