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30 Years Old...Currently Preggo but Hoping for a BA in the Future!

5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy + 1 on the way! Currently 30 weeks pregnant so clearly I will not be getting a BA anytime soon..sadly! But long story short, I was never blessed with bountiful breasts lol. Ive 'settled at a B cup most of the time (prior to pregnancy) now a... READ MORE

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Feeling huge ?? where?? your boobies?! b/c you look great all over!! lol!! READ COMMENT

All I gotta say first and foremost is wow..39 w/ 2 kids / BF both!? and you look that good STILL! youre gonna look incredible...quite honestly, I know youre not thrilled with your current boobs, but they STILL have a great shape to... READ COMMENT

You look amazing! just looking at the post op pics, you could seriously be half your age! does everything feel {or 'adjust} well for sex still, like not 'too' tight..if that makes sense? does every position still feel the same or better... READ COMMENT

Cant wait to see the results!!! I so admire you for 'maturing' and downsizing...youre gonna look super sexy and still beautiful! READ COMMENT

Congrats!!!!!! lmao - apparently your husband couldn't keep his hands off of you :) hey I guess they 'work' for him at least! ;-) soooo you mustve DTD like that week you got home??? lol READ COMMENT