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30 Years Old...Currently Preggo but Hoping for a BA in the Future!

5'10", 150lbs +/- :).... 30 years old. 1 pregnancy + 1 on the way! Currently 30 weeks pregnant so clearly I will not be getting a BA anytime soon..sadly! But long story short, I was never blessed with bountiful breasts lol. Ive 'settled at a B cup most of the time (prior to pregnancy) now a... READ MORE

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Every about your BA is picture perfect, once again I know reiterate this a lot! lol. I am simply in awe whenever you post a side profile pic...your tummy is so tiny and.....they just look amazing! Love the shape, projection, and how... READ COMMENT

Youre definaitely looking great..its only been what...a week?? They'll shape up and be amazzzzing :) just go back to your VERY FIRST pics...theyre bigger and better they just need some time to drop! READ COMMENT

Looking good :) ! can def see the new' fullness' and roundness to them...just wait till they completely drop!!! READ COMMENT

Agree 110%!! your cleavage is eye popping and any bigger I think you might start to look a bit too much...right now you look just plain incredible girl!! :) READ COMMENT

Yep you got that right girl holy boobies :) !!! but you've gotta appreciate a few gawkers even in a sweater!! usually they just hide everything you don't wan to hide lol! READ COMMENT