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Surgery scars - Dr. Oscar Ramirez

Following a cervicofacialplasty revision with Dr. Oscar Ramirez, unfortunately I was left with stretched scars in front of my ear, tension in the temple area and a sweep over the jawline. Thusfar Dr. Ramirez did not offer any solutions. The signs of surgery are difficult to cover up, and as such... READ MORE

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How can I find a reconstructive surgeon to revise upper lip V-Y plasty result?

I'm in search of a reconstructive surgeon to revise upper lip V-Y plasty surgery - following (minimal amount of) silicone injections years ago. The lip was described as... READ MORE

Problems 1+ years out of surgery with permanent suture. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm developing what looks like a bruise where a permanent suture was left in after facial cervicoplasty performed 1+ year ago. Part of the permanent suture seemed to come to... READ MORE

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Thanks Kat. I've read the docs. Dr. Ramirez in addition - after he lost all his appeals - tried to get his license reinstated in Maryland in Oct. 2014. That has been denied too. READ COMMENT

Please, do so, thank you Kat. I do not know if Dr. Ramirez is still reading here given the legal threats I received and the Raataataa-issues, so please send me a PM. One of the reasons I'm posting here is since I feel sincerely broken... READ COMMENT

Thanks. I am not coping great. Or perhaps I should say I am not coping. This gives me stress, but mostly since I don't see how to solve. Which worries me. What if I'm walking around with an infection already, as was suggested. The... READ COMMENT

Hereby a copy of Dr. Ramirez' letter - that was sent to patients: ""To whom it may concern: These are some of the real facts in relation to the action of the Maryland Board towards my license. As you will read from the Maryland... READ COMMENT

Yes, I can see why - a lot of bruising there and that hematoma looked a bit worrisome. That must have been a tough ride indeed. But you're really looking gorgeous. As mentioned you have good bone structure, and that shows beautifully... READ COMMENT