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I hate the look of my 800cc implants. What should I do? (photo)

I started with 650silicone being unhappy with the sagging look I found the 2nd surgeon and showed him pics of the look I wanted he said in order for me to get the upper... READ MORE

Silikon for nose straightening. Is it SAFE if done right??

Is Silikon safe if done right? The bridge of my nose is a lil crooked from a previous nose job and i was consedring silikon to straighten it out, i wouldn't need much! I just... READ MORE

Would dermapen work for a surgical face scar on cheek?

I have TWO questions: 1. Im 3 1/2 weeks from having scar revision on my cheek. I'm home 24/7 wearing silicon sheeting. Is the line i see pretty much the scar? is it a chance it... READ MORE

Best treatment for a vertical surgical scar on cheek?

Im a Black female (very light complexion) is Dermapen or Ematrix better for me? I have a surgery scar on my cheek. I was told Fraxel would cause hyper pigmentation. Pls give me... READ MORE

What can be done on a scar across the lip? (Photo)

Had silicone inTop lip doctor cut across lip to remove it & i don't like the look. What can be done about the scar & the lumpy uneven look READ MORE

Dermapen VS Rejuvapen.. which is better?

I have very fine surgical scars on both of my cheeks I'm african american very light complexion. I already know I'm not a good candidate for laser. Which microneedleing is... READ MORE

AquaGold fine touch in ATLANTA?

Do any doctors do AquaGold fine touch (microneedling) for surgery scars in Atlanta? READ MORE

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You look great. Where in atlanta did you have your fractional laser, same place? READ COMMENT

Im confused... are u doing Dermapen or Rejuvapen?... there diff brands READ COMMENT

Oh yea they look really good READ COMMENT

They look great! Can i see a regular relaxed smile? READ COMMENT

Would you ladies recommend silikon for a none-surgical nose job?... or would u suggest to stay away from it! READ COMMENT