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Bad botox getting worse instead of better...why?

Over 3 mos since glabella and crows feet. Sunken temples, one of my 11 lines is caving in low and prominent at all times even when not frowning. Both cheeks have descended down... READ MORE

How long does it take for the muscles to regain their former strength?

I had botox 6 months ago to glabella and crows feet. At first I didnt notice much difference for over 3 weeks then my cheeks rose up high and tight as if I had a face lift.... READ MORE

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Bags are better at 8 months, however, my glabella area is caved in causing a permanent frown. Waiting for those muscles to "wake" up again hopefully they will. I hate botox!!!!! READ COMMENT

BB- You are at 2 years, when did it stop getting worse? Did you have all of the issues at 6 months or did they happen. When did it stop getting worse? READ COMMENT

I am 5 and half months in and continue to get worse. Hope to level out at 6 months and maybe start to see some improvements. I think the botox has to completely wear off thats when we start to head south at that point our muscles... READ COMMENT

So sorry to hear that I cant believe 2 years... how depressing. Have you seen any improvements? Also, did you continue to get worse after the 6 month mark or did things sorta level out at that point? I just do not want to get any... READ COMMENT

Thank you Florida Girl. I do not want to become unhinged- lol that really made me laugh :o) I can live with what I have but if it gets worse I will be a mess. Thanks for your support READ COMMENT