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Nerve Pain After Coolsculpting - Boston, MA

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen 5/7/2014. I'm a size 4, 135 lbs and I always seem to have a little extra weight in my lower stomach, especially after I had my son 2 years ago. The procedure itself was pretty painless except for when they initially suck the skin into the machine. ... READ MORE

Very Happy So Far! American Laser Skincare - Boston, MA

I've had some acne scars on my right cheek ever since I had very bad acne in my teens. I took 3 full courses of Accutane and my skin gets a few break outs here and there, but has been tremendously improved since I was about 19 and took the first course of Accutane (I'm currently 33). My main... READ MORE

Never Again....... - Boston, MA

I bought a package of ematrix at a medspa and they offered me a complimentary upgrade to their new Palomar 1540 laser due to a customer service issue. (I listed 250 as price as that was price to upgrade from cheeks only to full face). Big mistake. I had good results with ematrix and should have... READ MORE

Questions from MaggieF516

How do you treat facial burn from Glycolic peel? (photos)

I got a Vivite glycolic peel (70%) yesterday. I also use Retin-A sporadically for acne (a few times a week). I had put Retin-A on my face the day before the peel, but I really... READ MORE

I had lip injections 2 weeks ago and developed cracks in the corners of my mouth at injection site.

I had lip injections (Juvederm) 2 weeks ago and developed cracks/cuts in the corners of my mouth where she inserted the needle for some of the injections. Initially there was... READ MORE

Which treatment is more effective for Acne Scars, Ematrix or Icon 1540? (photo)

I recently purchased an Ematrix package (7 treatments) to help with acne scars. The medspa is now encouraging me to upgrade to their new equipment, an Icon 1540, for a modest... READ MORE

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Absolutely gorgeous! Love your results. READ COMMENT

Hi there, I just posted updated pics so you can see the results. Subtle, but I can feel a difference. I had it done at Skin Health Centers on Newbury St. It wasn't done by a doctor, but maybe an aesthetician trained/certified on the... READ COMMENT

I would say it was completely gone by the 10 day mark, but I had taken Neurontin for a few days at that point to help. I didn't have the Neurontin when it was the worst around days 4-7 or so. It helped me a great deal so try to get an... READ COMMENT

I would say it was completely gone by the 10 day mark. I stopped taking the prescription and I feel fine. I would definitely recommended getting Neurontin if you are still having the pain as it helped me a lot. READ COMMENT