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Nerve Pain After Coolsculpting - Boston, MA

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen 5/7/2014. I'm a size 4, 135 lbs and I always seem to have a little extra weight in my lower stomach, especially after I had my son 2 years ago. The procedure itself was pretty painless except for when they initially suck the skin into the machine. ... READ MORE

Very Happy So Far! American Laser Skincare - Boston, MA

I've had some acne scars on my right cheek ever since I had very bad acne in my teens. I took 3 full courses of Accutane and my skin gets a few break outs here and there, but has been tremendously improved since I was about 19 and took the first course of Accutane (I'm currently 33). My main... READ MORE

Never Again....... - Boston, MA

I bought a package of ematrix at a medspa and they offered me a complimentary upgrade to their new Palomar 1540 laser due to a customer service issue. (I listed 250 as price as that was price to upgrade from cheeks only to full face). Big mistake. I had good results with ematrix and should have... READ MORE

Questions from MaggieF516

How do you treat facial burn from Glycolic peel? (photos)

I got a Vivite glycolic peel (70%) yesterday. I also use Retin-A sporadically for acne (a few times a week). I had put Retin-A on my face the day before the peel, but I really... READ MORE

I had lip injections 2 weeks ago and developed cracks in the corners of my mouth at injection site.

I had lip injections (Juvederm) 2 weeks ago and developed cracks/cuts in the corners of my mouth where she inserted the needle for some of the injections. Initially there was... READ MORE

Which treatment is more effective for Acne Scars, Ematrix or Icon 1540? (photo)

I recently purchased an Ematrix package (7 treatments) to help with acne scars. The medspa is now encouraging me to upgrade to their new equipment, an Icon 1540, for a modest... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job after septorhinoplasty? I was wondering if filler could be used to raise the tip slightly? (Photo)

Hi there, I had a septorhinoplasty 15 years ago and was so pleased with the results. It was life changing to be honest. I have noticed recently my tip seems to have dropped a... READ MORE

4th course of Accutane?

I took my first course of Accutane at 19 and it was tremendously improved. Life changing to say the least. It seemed to come back again 3-4 yrs later and I took another full... READ MORE

Hair loss due to spironolactone or IUD?

I started spironolactone about 3 weeks ago for hormonal acne. 2 weeks ago I got a Mirena IUD. I noticed 1 week later my hair started to feel much thinner. My doctor had assured... READ MORE

Hate Radiesse results. Have you seen any trends in patients who had it dissolve quickly? (Photo)

I had Radiesse injected in my cheeks 15 months ago. Admittedly, I didn't do enough research on the dr. The filler has distorted my face when I smile & makes it wider. I feel it... READ MORE

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Your results look great! Juvederm has worked for me as well. Ematrix was really good too!! Probably the best treatment I've had with the best results was Juvederm and Ematrix. I agree that most lasers and peels do NOTHING and are a... READ COMMENT

I went berserk the first year in thinking mine were uneven, too small, rippled etc. I even considered having another surgery and had a consultantion. I couldn't be happier 10 years later and am so glad I left things alone. It's hard to... READ COMMENT

It was a complete wast of money for me as well. I won't be doing it again. I think it actually made my skin worse.... READ COMMENT

I think you said you were already on spironolactone, but you may want to consider increasing your dose. I had a bad reaction with acne to a Lux 1540 and it never went back to baseline levels. I saw improvements with 100 mg per day of... READ COMMENT

I'm not sure that micro is supposed to be done when there is active acne, so I'm not surprised this messed up your face. What type of chemical peel was it? I would go see another derm and ask about Accutane. It might help and is worth... READ COMMENT