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Waiting Patiently

I have a fat transfer set for August 5th, I have been seeing this doctor for over a year making sure he totally understood that I want to look like me and not some movie star wanna be with a pillow face ( Horrible experience with a horrible injector in Halifax). I am just here looking for some... READ MORE

Questions from Lilah31

Can a Fat Transfer correct volume loss around eyes? (photos)

I've lost a great deal of volume around my eyes and through my cheeks. I've always had deep set and hallow eyes with cheeks that were quite chunky.. I was wondering if a fat... READ MORE

Outer corners of eyes hollowing, what can be done to correct this? (photo)

The outer corners of my eyes and under eyes are hallowing, I've been through a lot of stress this year, I'm currently pregnant as well. I was wonder what would correct this and... READ MORE

Is it normal to have swelling a year after Restylane injections? (Photo)

Ok, so a year later after restylane injections and I'm swollen all over again? This has been an issue with the product for me, but a YEAR? I went sun bathing and I wake up this... READ MORE

Could fat transfer in lips help them look a bit more even? (Photo)

I'm getting a facial fat transfer and my surgeon said it does not last in lips. The upper right side ( left in the pic) is a little less plump. Do you think a small amount of... READ MORE

Any recommendation that does Fat Transfer in Canada?

I had a transfer done recently in Halifax NS, I has hardly any swelling ( not uncommon I heal extreamly well) . Now I'm looking for a specialist to finish the job. My injector... READ MORE

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Just a question, why don't you train with yr size of your bum now squats can give you lost of projection:) it free! I have a pretty ample booty but since doing religious squats it's like a huge bubble:) just a suggestion. READ COMMENT

Yeah it sucks , but the fat really did wonders.. I am happy but just want a little more volume ... I already got juvaderm in my cheecks and Botox and I love it. I'm almost 100 percent back to myself. It's a relief and I no longer think... READ COMMENT

I never had any type of laser and I never had any acne... That's must be hellish, but I know what it's like to live in a depressed state because your looks change drastically .. I lost 60 pounds .. 40 of them I didn't need to lose when... READ COMMENT

No, lol.. Those are my natural lips... My son head butted me and gave me a fatter lip on one side.. He wouldn't do my lips due to the fact they are very big to begin with.. I'm trying to convince a new doc to inject my Cupid's bow (... READ COMMENT

I met with him, but I'm sure they do something for out oh town patients , I mean some do consultations on Skype :) READ COMMENT