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4 weeks post-op: Does my nose look swollen and upturned? Will i need a revision or is it just swollen? (Photos)

Asked for my bump to be taken off but not completely and for my tip not to be droopy. Let me remind you guys that i wanted a natural subtle result, but i feel like it is... READ MORE

Why do I have a "contour" on my dorsum, it's visible after open rhino? Will it go away? (photo)

I had open rhino about 1 month & a week 1/2 ago and I'm starting to notice mostly on my left side a Line going down on both sides. I hate it, looks weird. My ps placed a graft... READ MORE

Is it possible that revision rhinoplasty can give me my old nose back or at least close to it? (photos)

I had my surgery about 3 months ago and so far I hate it, I feel like I lost part of my ethnicity. I was hoping that if I get a revision it will help bring back my ethnic nose.... READ MORE

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I'm super excited for you and I'm glad you did your research, i on the other had will be consulting with him for a revision rhinoplasty. My PS completely changed my nose. So far I consulted with Mehta and i really like him but this time... READ COMMENT

Wow I'm loving your new nose...looks so natural, Im so happy for u!!! READ COMMENT

I'm so happy that everything turned out great for you! =D i was hoping if you can pm me a before and after picture because I'm considering him for my revision as well. Hope to hear back from you! READ COMMENT

I'm excited for you! i am also considering revision rhino with Kim and Most. I will be having a consultation on august so lets see how that goes lol....well keep us updated. READ COMMENT

Wishing you the best of luck girl! can't wait to see your result =D READ COMMENT