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Truly Disappointed on So Many Levels - Columbus, OH

At first I thought this guy and his nurse bobby walked on water. But I have since changed my mind. My experience had so many levels of disappointment I just can't list them all right now. But I will give you one example and that is this: I asked for a breast lift and aug (to be fuller). I... READ MORE

Questions from parton

How should I ask my surgeon for a revision? Am I being to picky? is my complaint warranted? (photo)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 8 weeks ago. My breasts were not symmetrical to begin with, so the plan was (I thought) to reduce my right breast a little so they would be... READ MORE

When will my tummy be flat? Could I have damaged it by being too active? (photo)

I had a TT 8 weeks ago, the first couple weeks my tummy was flat as a board..then when my drain came out and I started being more active. I realize the activity has caused more... READ MORE

I'd like to know about any downfalls or risks that I could encounter if I had my implants replaced with smaller implants?

I just had a breast lift and implants dec 11th,13.... from the first day to today I feel they are too big for me.. just too big... I am thinking of asking my doctor to do a... READ MORE

Full/partial tummy tuck? Is it possible to have full TT and still have freckles in same place? (Photo)

I got what I thought & paid 5000 for a full TT in im noticing the same 2 little freckles on my stomach are in the exact same place. I wonder if I only got a partial TT... READ MORE

Why are my breasts so low & sagging? (Photo)

My surgery was early Dec.& my breast haven't really changed much since the 1st week.I asked for a lift &to be a full C & but im a full D or DD not RT is lower than the... READ MORE

is it normal for a doctor to offer only one type and size of implant for you to try and give no other options? (photo)

A couple weeks before my surgery, I brought pics of what I wanted my breasts to look like,so they brought me 1 implant to look at & was pretty insistent that it was the size &... READ MORE

Why are my teeth grey at the top where they meet my gums all of a sudden?

I have had white teeth my whole life. yes I have bleached them with a product from my dentist and never had a problem.. then about 3 or 4 years ago, all of a sudden my teeth... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? (photo)

Dr. kurthy do you think I would be a good candidate for Kor deep bleaching? I used to have white teeth.. I used a night bright gel from my dentist and it was great.but I tried... READ MORE

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At this point, when it comes to KORs, I really am not interested in any other dentists input except for dr. Kurthys. He's the only one I feel I can trust at this point. Just sayin. READ COMMENT

So they had u put I'm ur trays with gel and had u sit for 20 minutes? READ COMMENT

Hi dr kurthy, ok Sooo I got my trays. When I picked them up. All they did was polish my teeth and put the desensitizer on my teeth. Never had me out the trays in. Also they said they fave me the ULtra max but it doesn't say ultra max... READ COMMENT

You are so right. I totally agree, it's better to wait it I have to save the xtra money if need be. I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you giving me this information it means a lot to me I feel very good about it because well... READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for your response and the information! No dr G has not seen me yet. My first appointment is Wednesday. do know that I told them I had gray staining on my teeth from tetracycline and I spoke to the person that answered... READ COMMENT