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Suggested treatment for lower neck, and thin face, limited budget (NJ area)? (photo)

Looking for a procedure to address my neck. also, slight chin ptosis, most noticeable when I smile or purse my lips and the pad moves downward. I'm concerned that tightening... READ MORE

Lip lift on wide nose/nostrils previous microform cleft lip (Photo0

I was born with microform cleft, as well as wide nostrils. I have had previous rhinoplasties, which included narrowing of nose and nostrils, and cartilage grafts, and... READ MORE

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His estimate to me was just over ten grand which is why I am asking. And I just saw someone the other day who paid him around 30 grand. Not sure how that is possible but.... READ COMMENT

Anon, I think the point being made is that while your doctor did a good job for a high price, there are many drs who can do this surgery for half to one third the cost. An outrageous fee doesn't guarantee a great result any more than a... READ COMMENT

I hear her frustration, and honestly, I get it. I appreciate that she shared this. Obviously, he has clientele that can afford it, so I guess he feels why not charge it. And he has that right. But he IS extremely, ridiculously pricey. READ COMMENT

And the pics? R u happy at this point? READ COMMENT

Was $7500 total cost? READ COMMENT