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5"1 119 lbs 500 CC Silicone UHP Miami I LOVE MY NEW BREASTS ^_^

I am curious as to what size 500cc will give me . I know everyone's body is different but what size should I expect I was hoping for full c/d please help I do not want to make a wrong decision on size ! I have read so many reviews and a lot of women regret size ! My surgery is scheduled next... READ MORE

Dermaroller for Stretch Mark Review - New York, NY

Hi ! So I have some rather annoying stretch marks on my upper thigh/lower waist so to say ! Although not extremely visible I would definitely love to get rid of them ! My coworker recently told me about the roller and after researching I thought I would give it a try ! I started on Thursday so... READ MORE

I Am Considering Either Juverderm or Restylane Fillers for my Lips ? - Westchester, NY

Soooo I am really considering having this procedure done ! I havnt had a consultation only conversations through email with two surgeons ! I'm afraid to jump on a consult because I know once I have the consultation I will be so eager I will just go ahead and have it done ! But I want to really... READ MORE

Questions from LabellaNewBoobs

small A and after researching I am leaning towards 500 cc silicone - is this to big for my frame? I am 5'1 126 pounds (Photo)

I want cleavage but also want a drop look meaning a natural look don't want to look fake or extremely round and I have been advised hp ? Is this to give me cleavage or a round... READ MORE

What is recommended for my lips to get the full look that I want Juvederm or Restylane? (photos)

Hi ! I am considering juvederm or restylane fillers for my lips ? My friend is telling me I already have full lips and this will give me a very unnatural look Is this true ?... READ MORE