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These are my confessions! 10 months P O Dra. Baez. & round 2! Dominican Republic, DO

Hello all, I am 29 turning 30 before the end of the year and I want to start off my new decade looking damn near perfect. I have never had hips but had a decent butt during my teenage and college years. Then the worlds perception of a nice ass changed, I became less active and noticed with... READ MORE

If I'm gonna tell it then I gotta tell it all! RS won't let me add the video.....

So I'm back on the Bbl train, never really seemed to get off it... I am currently planning Round 2 , which I don't feel is a Round 2 because round 1 my surgeon didn't use enough of my fat so once the swelling subsided there was minimal improvement. So I feel like this is Round 1. Hope my blog... READ MORE

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Lower back pains worsened by plastic surgery?

I am considering lipo sculpture and a BBL. I have had reoccurring lower back pain/ stiffness on the right hand side for several years now. I often have the sensation that I... READ MORE

Am I a BBL candidate? (photo)

I want a bbl but am concerned with whether I have enough fat for the transfer. I an 5'5" 140-143lbs. I do not want hips really. I'd like to fill in my side dents, have a high... READ MORE

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Tell her you need a cbc. It's actually part of an annual physical. You may also wanna add that your always sleepy or cold and are wondering if your anemic.... Does she say, " your fat?" Cuz if she does, you need a new doc. That is not... READ COMMENT

Glad to see your hips went down, I know you were so concerned before. Looking good I the pics, you still have hips but they are more subtle so it's still a win. READ COMMENT

I say I'm 5'6, lol cause depending on who measures it changes.5 to a whole inch. Yeah Durans booties vary, some are nice, others wow, then she has some omg booties. I guess it depends on how stubborn that fat is. But I rarely see ppl... READ COMMENT

That's what I remembered from TV. She def got it done though. READ COMMENT

You are 5'9? Damn I thought we were close in height, pipe dreams. You made all valid points. Hopefully a little more time and you will be certain with your surgeon. I think you have a fab foundation now, so the right hands will make... READ COMMENT