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Hey Everyone, Thank you so much to all who have posted your stories, good and bad, it's been so helpful. I especially appreciate reading the HONEST reviews, where some of you come forward with things some of us don't want to hear. I already have an ass, but age, as most of know, changes our... READ MORE

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DO you have before and after pictures? So are you saying there is NO improvement? READ COMMENT

Girl you sound like me! Now I don't feel so bad. For me, I just don't any surprises two years post of. Know what I mean? And Salama girls are the only ones updating. How do we know this is not happening with other girls? BabyDoll... READ COMMENT

Hey Girl thanks for the information! super interesting to know that you can go for a revision after such short period of time! All other doctors say year to be able to add more fat to the booTAY! Can't wait to see what that ass looks... READ COMMENT

Hey Girl! Looking Good. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. 1. Why do you need to go back for a part 2? Ga Damn! I'd think you would wanna take care of it all at once. This shit ain't no joke! 2. Why couldn't he add more... READ COMMENT

Find a BODY builder trainer. Or someone who competes. They will have you doing less cardio and more weights. At some point you want to be squatting your body weight and MORE same as dead lifts. Maybe try cross fit! READ COMMENT